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Lee Jong Suk Watches Jin Kyung Get Humiliated in “Pinocchio” Stills


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Stills from an upcoming episode of “Pinocchio” show Song Cha Ok (Jin Kyung) getting humiliated while Choi Dal Po (Lee Jong Suk) looks on. The stills from Episode 13 show Song Cha Ok surrounded by reporters and protestors. In front of many cameras, she is humiliated as someone throws a raw egg at her face. Until now, she has consistently shown a cold expression regardless of the situation, which makes her troubled expression in these stills more surprising. Choi Dal Po witnesses Song Cha Ok’s egging humiliation. As he promised to get revenge on Song Cha Ok, what will he do with this golden opportunity? In previous episodes, Choi Dal Po and his brother Ki Jae Myung (Yoon Kyoon Sang) revealed on a live broadcast that through Song Cha Ok’s misleading reporting, their father was unjustly blamed for leading many to death in a fire rescue. They also revealed that through her reporting, she portrayed Ki Jae Myung, a murderer, as a national hero. Because of their revelations, Song Cha Ok’s past stories were scrutinized to see how her reporting affected others. The writer of the show shared, “In Episode 13, things will get more tense as Choi Dal Po continues the revenge against Song Cha Ok started by his brother.” [tv]Watch what happens next on Pinocchio on Soompi TV![/tv]

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