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Jessica Sheds Tears at a Fan Meet for "BLANC & ECLARE"


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Ex-Girls' Generation member Jessica was moved to tears at a Korean fan meet in response to a fan event. Jessica met with about 100 fans in Seoul on December 22 as part of a fan meet and fan sign for her fashion brand "BLANC & ECLARE" to celebrate the first Korean pop-up store. When the fan sign began, Jessica put her all into greeting her fans. About 100 diverse fans were in attendance, including young girls, middle-aged men, and even foreign fans. Jessica didn't hold back on handshakes, high fives, and even hugs for the fans. Jessica was all smiles with the fans' love towards her and even made hearts with her hands to return the favors. But the event that the fans prepared was what really moved Jessica. As soon as the last fan received the autograph, the fans all pulled out a placard saying, "Sica, let's be happy!" and yelled the same. Jessica reacted by finally shedding tears, and said, "How many times are you going to make me cry?" She added, "Thank you so much. I'll read all the letters one by one. I'll try to make more opportunities for us to see each other." With that, Jessica concluded the 50-minute fan meet by saying, "I hope we meet more often. Thank you for the good memories. See you again." Meanwhile, Jessica's time with Girls' Generation ended in September and she is now focusing on her work as a designer for her brand "BLANC & ECLARE."

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