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Blue Dragon Film Awards Committee Reveals Actress Who Created a Stir with Revealing Outfit Was Not Invited to Event


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Actress No Soo Ram  (born 1987) created quite a stir yesterday when she showed up at the 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards wearing a very revealing dress. The 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards took place on December 17 at the Sejong Center for Performing Arts to celebrate the year's top films and actors. Many celebrities braved the freezing winter weather (around 18 degrees Fahrenheit/ -8 degrees Celsius) to don their best for the red carpet event, which took place outside the center. Actress No Soo Ram, whose acting credits date back to 2004 (drama "Heaven's Fate") despite her relatively unknown status, shocked the crowd and had all the cameras flashing at an epilepsy-inducing rate when she stepped out of her ride in a long black dress that was transparent along the sides. She instantly became the hottest issue in town with all the news media covering her outfit and her name becoming the real-time, most searched topic on various online portals. No Soo Ram is not the first actress to wear revealing outfits to red carpet events, in what is generally viewed as a "noise-marketing" tactic to get their unknown names out in the public. In 2011, actress Oh In Hye created quite a stir with her red dress with a plunging neckline, and after her, there just seemed to be one actress every year who dared to depart from the traditional expectations of appropriate red carpet attire. oh in hae Most of the reaction to No Soo Ram by the public has been harsh, criticizing her greed for attention, the noise-marketing tactic, and the inappropriateness of the outfit for a celebrated event like the Blue Dragon Film Awards. To add insult to injury, reps from the Blue Dragon Awards have stated that No Soo Ram was never even invited to the ceremony. Only celebrities presenting awards or were nominees for awards were invitied and No Soo Ram was neither. According to the reps, she was the only actor that came uninvited to the ceremony. The reps continued to explain that they couldn't turn away someone who came to the red carpet already dressed up so they quickly found out her name and gave it to the press. Because she was uninvited, she could not actually sit at the awards show since there was no assigned seating for her. No Soo Ram had to leave immediately after the red carpet walk. We could point fingers at this actress for using a cheap tactic to get attention but there is also something to be said about the way these actresses feel like this is the only way to get their name out and gain some traction in their careers. Leaving aside judgement of their actual acting abilities, it is sad that there is so little room for actresses in the industry to stand and make a name for themselves. Source (1) See also:  Winners of the 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards Announced: "The Attorney" Wins Big

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