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"The Crossing" Director John Woo Praises Song Hye Kyo


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Director John Woo complimented actress Song Hye Kyo. The main actors of the movie “The Crossing,” including Song Hye Kyo and Tong Da Wei, as well as director John Woo, showed up at the opening preview of the movie for promotion. When asked about what is was like to work with Song Hye Kyo at a local press conference, director John Woo said, “There were actors with different nationalities, but there were no problems in communication.” Later on, he judged the actress as a whopping 85 out of 100, saying that the additional 15 points would be up to the audiences’ reactions. “Song Hye Kyo is always prepared to act, so she only makes few mistakes. When she gets mixed up with lines, she tries to make the best out of it rather than slyly attempt to get away with it,” praised director John Woo. The director also mentioned how she played all the piano scenes herself instead of using a double. Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo described her experience with director John Woo as, “a once in a life time opportunity in which I learned a lot.” “I am grateful for all the other actors who helped me throughout the filming,” she said. “Speaking in Chinese was especially hard for me.” Based on the sinking of the ship Taiping, an actual event that happened in 1949 that caused the death of a thousand passengers, “The Crossing” depicts the story of three couples’ search for happiness during times of war and disaster. Song Hye Kyo, Zhang Ziyi, Wu Jincheng, Huang Xiao Ming, Tong Da Wei, and Nagasawa Masami star as the main characters.

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