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Highlights: "Pinocchio" Episode 9


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When I saw that this most recent episode of “Pinocchio” had been posted, I actually started dancing. That’s how overjoyed I was to get to spend another hour in In Ha and Dal Po’s world. And I wasn’t disappointed. In this episode, Dal Po has to grapple with his conscience, as he finds himself in a situation where telling the truth could condemn the only biological family he has left. Meanwhile, In Ha has some startling revelations about two important people in her life. It’s not a very fun episode for our heroes—but it is a lot of fun for the viewer. That’s the magic of “Pinocchio.” These were my five favorite scenes from “Pinocchio” episode nine:

1. “I’d find out the truth.”

I’m so happy that Dal Po has a sunbae like Gyo Dong. To me, the great thing about Gyo Dong isn’t just that Dal Po can trust him with the secret of his past (after all, by the end of the episode, Gyo Dong is no longer the only person who knows). What I love about Gyo Dong is that he’s in a position where he can give Dal Po advice. He’s similar to Dal Po in a lot of ways, but he’s older and has more experience, so he can help guide Dal Po through the increasingly confusing waters of his life. Dal Po needs help, and Gyo Dong is there to provide it. pinocchio 9 lee pil mo finalpinocchio 9 lee jong suk final

2. Trust is a beautiful thing

I love this couple so much. The thing is that on paper, this scene could have been terrible: the male lead asks the female lead to do something that seemingly goes against her interests, and refuses to tell her why. But in reality, because we know these characters and the depth of their relationship, it’s beautiful. We understand how desperate Dal Po is to keep In Ha safe from Jae Myung, and we know that telling her the truth about his connection with Jae Myung is just too difficult for him right now. Even more importantly, we understand why In Ha decides to trust him, because we’ve seen how much he’s been there for her over the years. It’s a beautiful moment that perfectly demonstrates how much these two love each other. pinocchio 9 lee jong suk 2 finalpinocchio 9 park shin hye finalpinocchio 9 park shin hye lee jong suk final

3. “Do you want an apology from the world, or do you want revenge?”

Jae Myung steps into the limelight in this episode, and while he puts on a kindly face in front of the cameras, his creepy, disturbed, murderous side never actually goes away. In fact, poor Dal Po is the one who gets to see it the most, as Jae Myung clearly doesn’t care about maintaining a front around him. This conversation is especially chilling, as Jae Myung confirms Dal Po’s suspicions about his connection with the disappearance of Moon Duk Soo, and expresses no remorse whatsoever. He wants revenge, he tells Dal Po—not knowing that with those words, he’s breaking Ki Ha Myung’s heart. pinocchio 9 lee jong suk 3 finalpinocchio 9 yoon kyun sang final

4. In Ha is disillusioned, again

This is actually a fantastic episode for Song Cha Ok, as we see her take several halting steps towards a relationship with her adoring daughter. But all of that work is undone when In Ha sees video footage of her mother’s cruelty to Jae Myung 13 years ago (though a part of me wonders how honest Lee Il Joo’s flashbacks were. The video, we can trust—but in the flashback, Lee Il Joo is such a voice of reason, and Cha Ok is so cold, that I really thought he might just be an unreliable narrator). This scene is so gutting; since the beginning of the drama, it’s been established how important physical evidence is to In Ha. Well, now she has physical evidence that her mother has a very faulty moral compass. Cha Ok is a fascinating character, but I can’t help but feel that In Ha deserves a much better mother. pinocchio 9 park shin hye 2 final

5. “Is your name Ki Ha Myung?”

In Ha knows! In Ha knows who Dal Po is! My favorite part of this scene is her reaction—she just sinks to her knees, as if this one truth is just too much to handle. It’s a great note on which to end the episode. pinocchio 9 park shin hye 4 finalpinocchio 9 lee jong suk 4 finalpinocchio 9 lee jong suk park shin hye 2 final What did you think of this episode? Let us know in the comments below! [tv] Catch up with Pinocchio on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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