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Haru Shocks Tablo by Choosing Taeyang over Him on "Superman Returns"

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They say that fathers are unwilling to let go of their precious daughters, and based on this week's KBS2TV's "Superman Returns," Tablo is no exception. On the December 7 episode of the reality show, BIGBANG's Taeyang was seen paying a visit to Tablo and Haru. Known for being a big fan of the charming young lady, Taeyang could not hide his affection for Haru from the very moment he entered the building. Tablo revealed, "Taeyang likes Haru so much. He always asks me about her and gets so happy whenever he meets Haru, so I invited him over for dinner." At first, Haru felt too shy to even get the door with her father, and when Taeyang was about to enter the house, she hurried to hide in her room. When Taeyang and Tablo went to Haru's room to greet her, Haru gave a quick wave to the handsome guest and escaped to the living room. The young lady continued to avoid making eye-contact with the idol, but when Taeyang took out a gift he had prepared for her, Haru started feeling more comfortable around him. Seeing the unicorn stuffed animal that Taeyang had bought, Haru finally broke the ice and said, "It doesn't have wings." Confused over Haru's reaction, Taeyang stayed still for a few seconds, and then explained, "The unicorn is still a baby, so it doesn't have wings yet." The questions did not end there, as Haru pointed at another unicorn toy, and asked, "Why does that one have wings, then?" Taeyang continued to explain to Haru about the evolution of unicorns, while Tablo and DJ Tukutz expressed their approval of his creative answers. Soon, Haru let down her guard and started giving stickers, figures, and various other items to Taeyang. Surprised over the amount of gifts Haru was willing to give him, Taeyang asked, "Is it okay if you give me this many of your belongings?" to which Haru replied, "I can give you all of them." After enjoying the dinner, Taeyang startled Tablo by saying, "I'll go and buy some ice cream. I'll go together with Haru." "Wouldn't it be good if I went with you?" Tablo suggested carefully. Hearing this, DJ Tukutz asked, "Do you hate the idea of sending your daughter to run errands with a strange man?" Tablo went on to hug Haru and ask her, "Will you be fine without daddy? If you want me to go with you, I'll do so." Unfortunately, Haru broke Tablo's heart by saying, "I would like to go without you." Shocked over what had just happened, Tablo said, "What if she starts saying 'Daddy, I said I'm fine by myself'' to me from now on," expressing his concern over Haru's changed attitude towards him. haru taeyang

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