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Sung Si Kyung Thinks His Male Juniors Like Him Too Much

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On the December 17 broadcast of MBC's weekly entertainment news program "Section TV," singer Sung Si Kyung showed his usual dry humor and (non)affection for his juniors in the industry. Sung Si Kyung has a lot of fans in the music industry with his junior singers often expressing their respect for this singer of 13 years. Kyuhyun of Super Junior is such a case. Sung Si Kyung said, "Kyuhyun, who recently released a solo album, is being called the 'Second Sung Si Kyung.' Kyuhyun is doing well and his voice tone is pretty." He continued, "Kyuhyun studied me a for a long time. He told me he still only listens to my songs." Sung Si Kyung described how he reacted to Kyuhyun's obvious sign of affection for him. "I told him that's plenty enough." The singer explained why he didn't want more affection from Kyuhyun. "There are many female singers but the junior idol that likes me is Kyuhyun. On top of that, Eunhyuk even told me he liked me!" Sung Si Kyung continued to describe the "pain" of having so many male juniors like him. He said, "Recently, Lee Seung Gi and Eunhyuk came to a drinking party. They said they came because they wanted to see. I hated it. Why couldn't they come with women they know? They don't do that, though. There were only men there!" You can't help but laugh. Sung Si Kyung sounds cranky because all the juniors that like him seem to be other males, but I bet he is really proud and happy to have so many fellow artists in the industry like him. 201412071637411110_1

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