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A Perfect Friendship: The Best Super Junior + EXO Photos

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Though some fans of Super Junior and EXO view the two groups as rivals, the truth is that the groups were friends before EXO ever even debuted. Though they started off with a typical junior-senior relationship, the members soon started exercising together, going out to eat and even practicing together. EXO has made it clear that the members of Super Junior have been their mentors from the beginning. With time, however, it developed into an affectionate friendship. In a culture where seniority is very important, it's great seeing Super Junior remain so humble and consider the younger group as true friends and not just juniors. Want to see evidence of their unique and special friendship? Just click through the following pictures! EXO's Lay is on great terms with all of the Super Junior members. They have spoken highly of his sincerity and kindness. Here, he poses backstage with Kyuhyun and Super Junior M member, Henry. As a Chinese-speaking member, Henry has really made the effort to befriend the Chinese members. se1 Out of all the Super Junior members, perhaps no one is as close to EXO as Ryeowook. EXO-K made their radio debut on "Super Junior's Kiss the Radio," where Ryeowook and Sungmin were hosts at the time. Since then, they have continued to visit the program regularly and have become very close with Ryeowook in the process. se5 Though many people might consider this an odd friendship due to the large age gap, Donghae and Sehun have proven that age is only a number. The pair have become great friends, constantly posting videos and photos of themselves supporting each other at concerts and shows, as well as hanging out together in their free time. se31 There are so many great pictures of Ryeowook and EXO members, that I found it hard to choose just a few. However, this picture of Baekhyun was so adorable that I had to include it! Baekhyun and Ryeowook are both main vocals in their groups, so it makes sense that these two are friends. se12Shindong is another Super Junior member that hosted his own radio show. It was on MBC's "Sim Sim Tapa" that Lay first became close with Shindong. Between Shindong's funny personality and Lay's simple appreciation of his humor, the two have become friends, as well as being junior and senior. se11Super Junior M member Zhou Mi is known for being a gentleman. As such, it should come as no surprise that he reached out to the foreign members of EXO-M because he understood how lonely it can get with your family so far away. Many times he invited the members out to eat, where they could all comfortably speak Chinese. se16 Out of all the Super Junior and EXO friendships, there is possibly no pair closer than Ryeowook and D.O. When D.O. first debuted, he was painfully shy and didn't speak much on camera. Since Ryeowook was also the same when he first debuted, he soon took D.O. under his wing to help guide him. The two soon became best friends, causing good-natured jokes among SJ and EXO because of their close friendship. se18Tao is very fond of all the Super Junior members and has expressed his respect for them many times. It seems like he is always snapping pictures whenever the seniors are around. While onstage in China, he took the opportunity to take a group shot with Donghae, Sungmin and Luhan. se20Baekhyun's comedic timing is a great fit with his mischievous senior, Heechul.  Since Heechul was away in the military for the past two years, he hasn't had as much opportunity to spend time with the EXO members. Upon finishing his military service however, he soon grew really fond of the group after spending more time with them. When appearing together on Ryeowook's radio show, Bakehyun and Heechul caused a lot of laughs with their funny interactions. se32 Super Junior member Siwon has studied Chinese for several years. As such, he has become really close to Tao. The two guys have a lot in common- they are both tall and gorgeous, they both love exercising, they both enjoy basketball and they both love studying English. Perhaps even more important though, they both like skinship! Isn't this photo completely adorable? se38 Handsome leader Suho trained for 7 years before debuting in EXO-K. Because he spent so many years at the company, he became good friends with several seniors before ever debuting. He first became close with Super Junior member Kyuhyun. Because of that, he soon became close with Kyuhyun's friends as well- Changmin of TVXQ and Minho of SHINee.   se41 When Super Junior has a concert, EXO members go to the concert to support them. When EXO held their first concert, Super Junior also attended to support them. Even at music shows, fans always see pictures of them backstage- laughing, talking, and taking pictures together. Here, Siwon and Donghae pose with Chen, Kai, Suho, and Baekhyun, while Tao made fans laugh by discreetly photobombing the picture in the background. se44Heechul and Tao pose for a picture after filming for a variety show in China. In my opinion, Tao is gorgeous enough to be a model. Since Heechul is also as pretty as any female model, the two fashionistas make casual pictures on the street look like a photo shoot. se45Super Junior once spoke about EXO saying, "More than being a threat, I feel good... seeing them progress and reach the top level makes me really happy." They also stated, "If our popularity will be stolen by anybody, it would be better for EXO to do it.” Their easy camaraderie and friendship is apparent in situations such as this one, where the guys posed for a picture onstage. se63se13Ryeowook and Xiumin have been friends for a long time now. Before Xiumin made his debut, he and Ryeowook would go to the gym together to work out with SJ member Sungmin. While running on the treadmill, Sungmin would sing to control his breathing- a tip he suggested to Xiumin, who soon tried it as well. Ryeowook has stated how much he has enjoyed hearing Xiumin sing, ever since those early days. In my personal opinion, friends Henry and Chanyeol are like the musical prodigies of SMTOWN. While many artists at SM are insanely talented musicians (including several in both Super Junior and EXO), Henry and Chanyeol have something extra which allows them to excel at multiple instruments, as well as at singing and rapping. Most fans became aware of Chanyeol's skills on the guitar when he recorded a song for Henry's promotions as a solo artist. If Henry could somehow play the violin while Chanyeol played the guitar and D.O. and Ryeowook sang a duet, my life would officially become complete. se75 EXO once revealed on TV that Kangin always encourages them when he sees them. Baekhyun stated, "We run into the seniors often. Whenever we run into Kangin, he tells us, 'You guys are the best,' in order to raise our confidence." Kangin has bragged often about the group, even tweeting about the release of their MV, "EXO-Growl. My great kids. You're the best. You're so good. So proud of you." se66Zhou Mi shows that he is not just close with EXO's Chinese members, but is also friends with the Korean members as well. Here, he poses with Suho and Baekhyun after "Inkigayo."  Zhou Mi's friendship with EXO became even more apparent recently when Chanyeol and Tao both featured in his first music videos as a solo artist. se69 Super Junior vocalist Yesung may be doing his military service, but that doesn't stop him from hanging out with his friends in EXO. Here, he snaps a picture with cutie pie Baekhyun at Mouse Rabbit, the cafe Yesung owns. The two are good friends and have uploaded several pictures together on instagram, along with a picture of Yesung and Luhan. se74 What is friendship without a little manly skinship? Here the SJ and EXO members get close for a little love and affection between brothers. Shindong catches Lay after he ran to him at an SMTOWN concert. Siwon, SM's reigning king of skinship, gives Luhan a hug after a performance. D.O. gives a bear hug to his friend and mentor, Ryeowook. Lastly, Sehun goes in for a sweet back-hug with Donghae while onstage. Say it with me now, "Awwwww." (Did I mention how much fun I had putting this gallery together?) sehugsjexo There is no doubt that Super Junior and EXO aren't just juniors and seniors at the same company- they also share a special friendship! Though each member is close to artists in other groups as well, it's undeniable that SJ and EXO have a special bond. So, whether you are an ELF, EXO-L or even both (like me!), we know that the two groups would have their fandoms get along as well as they do. With Super Junior and EXO both enjoying such immense success in 2014, it proves that there is enough room in the world of K-pop for each group. Out of all the special friendships between Super Junior and EXO members, which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below! lee1086 is a Soompi writer who lives for music, playing the piano, Super Junior, and Eunsihae. She is also a fan of 3rd Wave Music, BIGBANG, EXO and more. When she is not watching the latest K-Drama or obsessing over the perfection of Lee Donghae, she is busy at church or hanging out with her family and friends.

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