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Highlights: “Birth of a Beauty” Episode 10

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Love is finally in the air on "Birth of a Beauty"!

Han Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook) and Sa Ra (Han Ye Seul) are officially together. With romance due for next week, villainy rises with new heights featuring Lee Kang Joon (Jung Gyu Woon), a cheating husband turning into a vengeful sociopath, and Gyo Chae Yeon (Wang Ji Hye), a famous broadcasting star to a crazy opportunist. Here are our top five moments of this episode.

1) Dating goes wrong

Han Tae Hee goes on a date with Sa Ra. With the help of his surgeon friend, he plans to take Sa Ra to an opera house and buy her a new necklace. Unfortunately, the beauty slept during the performance and clearly stated a luxury lifestyle is trashy and wasteful. Afterwards, the couple enters into an argument. The Beauty makes the Genius realize how different their lives are and forces Tae Hee ton wonder if he truly loves the heart of  Sa Geum Ran or the appearance of  Sa Ra.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 10 - 1

2) Reunion

Tae Hee finally meets with his grandmother at the penitentiary. The elder immediately recognizes the lost heir of Winner Group while tearing up, relieved. The grandson promises he will rescue halmoni (grandmother) out of prison. Tae Hee is grateful to Sa Ra for helping to make his Broken Heart syndrome disappear forever.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 10 - 2

3) The Hulk explodes

No, it's not the Hulk from the Avengers. I am referring to Lee Kang Joon's father, Lee Jung Sik. Whenever he learns bad news, he throws a powerful tantrum, scaring off his family. That's why he carries the Hulk nickname. His dream of having a peaceful household is ruined when Jung Sik discovers his son was arrested as a suspect in Sa Geum Ran's murder case. While investigating this strange affair, he inadvertently joins the good side for redemption.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 10 - 3

4) Proof of Love

The Genius wants to prove his feelings to Sa Ra. He chooses hypnotizing himself and is initially haunted seeing her as Sa Geum Ran. From the cleaning chore to the Kama Sutra workout, Tae Hee has a hard time adapting his wild imagination haunting him. After hearing Sa Geum Ran's desire of finding true love, Tae Hee eventually overcomes his fear about Sa Ra's identity.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 10 - 4

5) Happy Birthday, Sa Geum Ran!

Sa Ra was thinking about her mother's wishes for her daughter's happiness. She decides to wait for Tae Hee. Of course, the husband is released from the police and wants revenge against Sa Ra. Then, the audience is left bewildered with Gyo Chae Yeon's desperate attempt to sabotage the couple's relationship. As a result, Tae Hee was late for his date. Eventually, the two of them find each other and celebrate Sa Geum Ran's birthday with a kiss.


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