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Alleged Sexual Abuse Victim of Lovelyz Seo Ji Soo Says They will Bring Evidence to Police


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The distributor of the allegations against Lovelyz member Seo Ji Soo has stated that she will comply with the police and offer evidence of the alleged sexual abuse. Previously, this individual has posted via social media sites and online communities about Seo Ji Soo's previous female romantic partners, claiming that Seo Ji Soo has sexually abused them. The following is the full statement they have released. "I've only said the truth but because of one individual who spread false accusations, all the victims are being framed as liars. It felt like my world was falling apart. As if one lie was covering up ten truths. Just as I was about to give up, I saw the petition, and someone saying that just because I've gone MIA, everything is untrue. I'm not the first one but as I was responsible for organizing the accusations, I felt responsible to post this. To stop the worst possible case of the victims being framed as perpetrators. To be honest, we are worn out. Before being victims, we are sexual minorities and women. I was open so I brought this issue to the surface, but the threats, demand for evidence, the fear... What kind of evidence do I need for them to believe. I only found my footing after thinking about the worst result. Previously, I did not speak of my own hardships as I wanted to remain objective, but in my current mental state, I am unable to remain so. I was reliant on medication while I was in panic during the last few days. I am concerned about seeing myself frantically gathering evidence in fear of people. I truly felt that there was no place for the weak, as the media framed us as being trolls. We are tired of the media being on Seo Ji Soo's side, publishing articles about falsities that never happened. With this incident, I had to unwillingly come out to some of my acquaintances to receive help. And then I was hurt once again by Woollim Entertainment's statement, as they discriminated against sexual minorities by saying, 'Don't pretend like victims, not coming forward just because you are sexual minorities. If you are really confident, come out and consult the police.' We were just afraid of being in terror every time we see her smiling face on television. Shouldn't the media also be on the side of the victims, instead of allying solely with Seo Ji Soo? Just because we turned down your offer to interview, are our allegations rumors? I was hesitant about posting this writing. But I couldn't stand our story being determined as a rumor without actual analysis. The media is killing us twice by reporting things as facts. As Woollim started this case about 'publicizing the incident' and not on whether it was true or not, we may get persecuted for defamation even if it's all true. I will accept the rightful punishment for what I've done, but it is up to the public to witness how Woollim has taken to publicizing the truth. I am too small of a person to be fighting against the corporate as an individual. I no longer have the power to fight by myself. I'm not a machine that only provides feedback. I want to say thank you and sorry to everyone who helped us, the organizations and some media, ex-Woollim employees, our community members. I want to apologize to our parents who must have been shocked. I think this may be the end. As the third distributor of this incident, I will take the remaining evidence to the police according to their request." Source: (x) See also: Initial Distributor of Lovelyz’ Seo Ji Soo Rumors Found, to Be Summoned for Questioning

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