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Recap: 2PM Makes Fans "Go Crazy" In New Jersey Stop of Concert World Tour


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It was a cold night on November 14, yet thousands of fans stood huddled in the cold outside the Prudential Center in New Jersey, anxiously awaiting the return of one of K-Pop’s most applauded boy groups to the United States. One simple question posed to fans in the opening stages of the concert paved the way for a night of K-Pop frenzy: “Are You Ready to Go Crazy?” 1-1 After the beginning of the concert teased fake openers through a video montage that collected all of the group’s iconic reprises (“10 Points Out of 10,” “Put Your Hands Up,”), 2PM eventually appeared center stage to the thumping of a heart, giving a stirring live rendition of their 2009 hit “Heartbeat,” made complete by a signature acrobatic finish. 12-1 Without pause and seemingly undisturbed by the audience’s frantic waves of screaming, the members launched into remix versions of “Without U,” “HOT,” and “Go Crazy,” their vigor never wavering through the back-to-back energetic dance formations. Although the boys were sweating profusely by the end of the first five-song set, they never overlooked chances to provide fanservice, remembering to flash fans quick smiles and waves, and making use of the stage’s wide reach to get closer to fans from all corners of the venue. Hilariously, Taecyeon also wasn’t shy to pat the behinds of fellow group members in a much anticipated portion of the “10 Points Out of 10” choreography, each pat bringing about loud cheers from the crowd. 7-1 Immediately, all members, with the exception of Taecyeon and Chansung, retreated backstage, leaving the two to kick off duet stages of the night with “Saying I Love You,” and “Come Back to Me.” The pair wrapped up their segment on a new high, baring their abs in a synchronized finish, much to the delight of fans. 9-1-1 After slowing down the pace with “Rain is Falling” and “I’m Sorry,” the group finally took a short break to formally introduce themselves to the audience. The members hilariously batted the conversation back-and-forth with witty exchanges and light teasing, proving themselves to be veterans of variety. In a highlight of the talk segment, Chansung amusingly asked the audience why “people [were] laughing” during the touching lyrics of his self-composed “Saying I Love You,” exclaiming that “it’s a sad song.” 8-1 Taecyeon also had this to say about his “Come Back to Me” performance – “Yeah, we took off our shirts.” If you’ve ever wondered whether the members keep up with fandom lingo, you can rest assured that Taecyeon does know and acknowledge the existence of “’Taec’ It Off,” which he coolly admitted after Chansung hilariously pointed out a fansign in the crowd. 14-1-1Come Back When You Hear This Song” and “Just For Today” were up next, but the perfect performances were merely a prelude to one of the most anticipated tracks of the night. The boys bounced all around the stage to rile up the energy of the crowd as the beginning beats of “Hands Up” echoed through the venue, and soon the hands of everyone in the audience waved up in the air. 5-1 Next, Jun.K stunned the crowd by showing off his high note in a sneak peak version of “No Love” before being joined on stage by Wooyoung for a hip-hop infused “Superman.” The members regrouped for “I’m Your Man,” and a surprising collaboration of Wooyoung’s solo debut title track “Sexy Lady.” Six chairs presented themselves center stage, and 2PM gave a flawless rendition of “All Day I Think About You,” before once again slowing down the pace with Nichkhun and Junho’s sweet duet “Love is True” (which, as Nichkhun puts it, was a refreshing change to “hip-hop and [people] ripping off their shirts”). 13-1 The lights go up, and the members reconvene back on stage to continue their hilarious banter. Highlights of the segment: Taecyeon reads aloud a sign from a fan in the audience, who asks that he throw her his towel. Adamantly, he refuses, claiming that the towel is sweaty (“No no no, not my sweaty towel. The key term here is sweaty.”), but a confused Wooyoung decides to venture into the conversation with his adorable English, asking the fan, “Do you need towel?” 15-1 The members also end up singing – and interpretively dancing – to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” which they deemed to be the nationally recognized song. Much to the audiences’ dismay, the members refused to sing Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda,”with the exception of Nichkhun, who teasingly sang the song’s reprise throughout the night. Wooyoung nervously introduces the next songs, which he says is iconic to the group, as “Again & Again” and “I Hate You” blast from the speakers. 10-1 The members take a small break, which Nichkhun reveals is because they’re getting old (Jun.K: “No! I’m young!”). Of course, the crowd supportively screamed their protest, though Nichkhun tacks on that their “backs hurt,” before truthfully admitting that the concert is coming to an end. The boys kick off the last leg of the show fittingly with “I’ll Be Back,” each member perfectly in sync with one another in the song’s popular feet-shuffling dance. After a strong rendition of “Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop,” 2PM ended the concert on a high, bringing the show to a close with “Game Over.” 11-1 But fans knew it was not over yet. Determined, the entire venue chanted “2PM” until the boys appeared back on stage. Thanking the crowd for their support and love, 2PM promised to “keep doing their thing” in hopes to come back to greet their U.S. fans once again. Using their last few moments to interact with their East Coast fans in remix version of “Hands Up” and “Go Crazy,” 2PM hesitantly said their goodbyes before retreating backstage with a deep, collective bow. 3-1 2PM recently brought their “Go Crazy” tour to Chicago, and will be continuing onto Dallas on November 18 and Los Angeles on November 21. If you have the chance, be sure to catch the boys live in concert! For more awesome photos of 2PM, stay tuned to the Soompi Official Facebook page!

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