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Highlights: "Dad! Where Are We Going?," Episode 94


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Last week, the families of "Dad! Where Are We Going?" continued their trip with their new foreign family friends. Yoon Hoo, his father Yoon Min Soo, Ahn Jung Hwan, and his son Ahn Ri Hwan have settled into their place for the night in Seoul with Shinard and his son Chan. Before going to sleep, they order the two ultimate Korean late night delivery snacks: pig's feet and chicken. And then they dig in.   DWAWG-110914 Mia and Xavier, who are traveling with Kim Sung Joon, his son Kim Min YoolRyu Jin, and his son Lim Chang Hyung to a fishing village, call Mia's mother before going to sleep. Mia's tears after hearing her mother's voice brings us back to the Korean children's first trips. It's amazing how much they've grown since the show started. DWAWG 110914 2 The next morning, Richard is up before everyone else – his daughter Avery, Sung Dong Il, his daughter Sung Bin, and Jung Woong In‘s daughter Jung Se Yoon. After everyone wakes up, they head over to a hospitable grandmother's home in the farming village who has apparently cooked breakfast for them. DWAWG-110914-3-1DWAWG-110914-3-2 Wow, I wish I could eat breakfast like this every day. Cut back to Seoul: the three fathers are out in the street for a game of ttagji first thing in the morning. Ahn Jung Hwan displays his amazing skills. DWAWG 110914 4-1DWAWG-110914-4-2 At the fishing village, all six people are rushing to catch the sunrise over the East Sea. It's a beautiful sight to the start the day. DWAWG 110914 6  DWAWG 110914 5 To make things better, Ryu Jin has prepared the most fitting breakfast: cup ramyun. Mia, who tries it for the first time, loves it immediately. DWAWG 110914 7 Back in Seoul, the three fathers have started a fusion game of basketball... where you shoot with your foot. They decide to bet on ramyun and hamburgers, and of course, soccer star Ahn Jung Hwan takes the win with an amazing shot. DWAWG 110914 8 Side note: they get their ramyun from a convenience store, and it looks like this. DWAWG 110914 9 That's not cup noodles; they are actually cooking right now. South Korea: the country of convenience and efficiency. After consuming their ramyun and cheeseburgers, the six find a Korean wrestling field. Many matches ensue, and while there are sad losses, everyone enjoys their time together. DWAWG 110914 10 Too soon, it's time to say goodbye. Many pictures and selfies are taken, and numbers are exchanged. What a beautiful way to end the trip! DWAWG 110914 11DWAWG 110914 12 The last part of the episode was dedicated solely to Jung Woong In, who couldn't make it on the trip, and his special day with his daughter Se Yoon. He takes her to his drama filming with him. Se Yoon is absolutely precious, helping her father memorize his lines, acting as a pseudo-manager for him, and just making him smile throughout the day with her adorableness. She also gets to meet Cha In Pyo, who apparently had really wanted to meet Se Yoon. He so obviously adores her; my heart melted while watching them. After a long wait, when Woong In finally starts filming, Se Yoon is shocked at her dad's intense acting... DWAWG-110914-13 ...and then proud. DWAWG-110914-14 After the day is over, the father and daughter are cooling down at a nearby park. Woong In asks Se Yoon if she better understands his job as an actor now, and she answers affirmatively. She also promises not to complain anymore about her dad being gone too often. DWAWG 110914 15 This is one of the reasons why I can't help but love this show; it is so immediately, visibly, and actively helping family relationships. I'm sure people who watch the show are learning and trying to do the same as well. That's it for this week's "Dad! Where Are We Going?" episode! Next week's preview already has me excited, because it seems some of the younger siblings may be joining their older brothers and sisters for a day! For right now though, how did you like the episode? If you were going on a trip, which family would you go with and which tour of Korea would you choose: Seoul, the fishing village, or the farming village? Let us know in the comments! [tv]Watch this episode of "Dad! Where Are We Going?" on SoompiTV![/tv]

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