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Seo In Guk Bares Thoughts on His First Historical Drama, "The King's Face"

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We've seen and loved Seo In Guk in dramas such as "Reply 1997" and his latest "High School King of Savvy" wherein he portrayed the role of a high school student with the boy-next-door good looks. This year, the singer-actor is making his first venture into historical drama or sageuk with the upcoming KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama, "The King's Face" wherein the singer will test his acting chops as he portrays, for the first time, the role of a prince. In "The King's Face," Seo In Guk will play the role of Prince Gwang Hae, the prince of Joseon that has had the longest and most dramatic life as a crown prince that is full of ups and downs. "The character of Gwang Hae has been portrayed very well by many senior actors so while I am glad to take on this role, I also feel some pressure," said Seo In Guk carefully. "I'll work hard on acting and show you Seo In Guk's own Gwang Hae," the actor added, showing his passion and confidence in his first sageuk drama, "The King's Face." Aside from Seo In Guk's transformation as a prince, the charisma face-off with actor Lee Sung Jae who acts as King Seon Jo in the drama is also to be highly anticipated. Seo In Guk and Lee Sung Jae have previously worked together in the drama "Rascal Sons" wherein they played the role of brothers. In "The King's Face," the two will be entangled in a love triangle as they fight for the love of Kim Ga Hee, which will be played by Jo Yoon Hee. "I gain even more strength in knowing that I will be acting in my second project withLee Sung Jae sunbae-nim whom I have always been friendly with," said Seo In Guk on his co-star Lee Sung Jae. "The King's Face" is slated to premiere following the completion of "Blade Man."

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