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Key's Grandmother Passed Away on His Birthday

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SHINee member Key delivered the sad news to his fans that his beloved grandmother had passed away last week. On October 5, Key shared a photo on his Instagram and wrote: Greetings to all those who care for my team, this is Key. I don't know how to say this..Because of my schedule on September 24, I wasn't able to say this personally, but my grandmother passed away on September 23. Because she was someone raised and loved me, I still cannot believe that she is gone. I didn't feel like it would be write to announce this right before our tour and the SMTOWN concert, so I am saying this now. I will continue to work hard on the rest of the tour as I think about my grandmother watching me from heaven. A lot of people are supporting me and I will meet all you with a smile. Thank you.  Key_2 Key had posted his picture of the sky on the day his grandmother passed away, and it wasn't until now that his fans knew the meaning of the photo. September 23 also happens to be Key's birthday. key_1 Key had talked very fondly about his grandmother who raised him from birth. Soompi offers our deepest condolences.

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