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Let's See How The Parents of "Superman Returns" Are Off-Camera


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For a change, let's look at the parents of the unanimously popular variety show "Superman Returns" when they are off camera. The producer of the show Kang Bong Gyu has revealed some of the insider's scoops for us. ◆Chu Sung Hoon is sweeter off camera. Sarang's fighter daddy Chu Sung Hoon is apparently nicer and sweeter to his daughter and wife Yano Shiho, which seems nearly impossible. According to Kang Bong Gyu, "I think that Chu Sung Hoon wants to be seen as strong in order to keep his fighter image. On TV, he seems a bit disant towards his wife but off camera, he is just so nice affectionate and very caring." He added, "When we tell him that we're done filming, that's when Chu Sung Hoon breaks away his nervousness and becomes naturally affectionate." Chulovely 2◆Lee Hwi Jae, a fussy yet loyal man. According to Kang PD, he worked hard to convince Lee Hwi Jae to appear on the show because he seemed hesitant to show the personal side of his life on camera. When Lee Hwi Jae agreed to join the show, he said, "Only one year" but obviously, he has supassed that. Kang PD said, "Since he hasn't said anything yet, I think he will still continue appearing on the show. We are so thankful. I told him half-jokingly that we will continue until the boys go to school. That's a personal wish really. But if that really happens, it would be great to create a special documentary episode of the boys growing up." Lee Hwi JaeIronman Song Il Gook is a delicate man in real life. Song Il Gook is known for being a strong man by participating in numerous triathlons but he has a soft side as well. Kang PD expressed, "Song Il Gook is really a sweet father and a sweet husband. When we're at his home to shoot, it seems like his role and his wife's role are reversed." Song Il Guk's kids

What is Kang PD worried about? "The kids grow up too fast."

Kang PD talked about what worried him these days, and while the "Superman Returns" goes shooting every three weeks, the kids seem to grow up so fast every time he sees them. "Every time I see them, something is different. Their faces grow sideways and upwards. There's a lot of transformation going on. Sometimes I think to myself, 'Is that the same kid?' but everyone's so cute as they're getting old."

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