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g.o.d Kim Tae Woo Apologizes for His Comments about Shinhwa's Popularity


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g.o.d member Kim Tae Woo has apologized for his public remarks on Shinhwa. On September 14, Kim Tae Woo posted on Twitter: "I don't check comments or reactions so I only found out now that my words have caused such a controversy. What I said about Shinhwa and g.o.d's rivalry on broadcast was a joke but it was too much. We're such good friends with Shinhwa, and I've said something I shouldn't have." He further commented, "I realized that not only the Shinhwa fans would be angry, but Shinhwa members may find it offensive as well. I called Minwoo earlier and apologized to him. I didn't know how to apologize to Shinhwachangjo's so I'm posting this here." "I sincerely apologize for my carelessness. I regret what I've said after reading all the comments. I hope you don't think I meant what I've said. g.o.d and Shinhwa are closer than anyone else, and the fans respected each other as well. I would hate to see this affect our relationship." Previously, Kim Tae Woo appeared on "True Live Show" and said that "In the past, Shinhwa couldn't hold their ground against g.o.d. If the fans filled up 100% of the Jamsil Stadium, g.o.d's fans would make up 60%, Shinhwa's 30%, and the rest 10%." shinhwa god kim tae woo

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