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"Invincible Youth" Members Gather Again to Celebrate Hyomin's Solo Single

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There once was a variety show, its name was "Invincible Youth." It had the lot, drama, laughs and, of course, lots of farming. The G7, as they were affectionately called, were beloved by a growing group of fans. Some of them even made their name on the show, idols like Hyomin and Sunhwa.

The show may have ended years ago but that hasn't stopped the members from continuing to show off their friendship, with the G7 gathering again to celebrate Hyomin's new solo single "Nice Body."


On July 5, Hyomin posted a update on her Twitter account. In this update, she posted up a picture of her fellow G7 members, who had gathered to celebrate Hyomin's new single. In the picture, we can see G7 members, Sunhwa, Sunny, Yuri, Goo Hara and Narsha happily gathered around Hyomin.

In her update, Hyomin mentions how "It's been ages since the 'Invincible Youth' family has gathered!" She also explains that "They have brought a cake and cheered me on to celebrate my first solo debut." Hyomin also talks about how the festivities were "Filled with nostalgia" and that "Today will also be another day to remember."

She finished off by saying that she was "Happy and next time I hope to see (Kim) Tae Woo, (Kim) Shin Young and HyunA as well~~" 

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