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Lee Jong Suk Goes the Extra Mile for Role in "Doctor Stranger"

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Lee Jong Suk has shown his dedication to his role as Park Hoon in the new SBS mini series, "Doctor Stranger," by learning how to drive a two-wheeled motor vehicle.

Since its first airing Monday this week, "Doctor Stranger" has been a hot topic in and out of the industry with its sophisticated direction and characterization.

Lead actor Lee Jong Suk's character, Park Hoon, has especially gained a lot of interest when Episode Two of the series showed him in an action chase scene in Budapest, Hungary. The genius doctor Park Hoon, who was born in South Korea but lived in the North after he and his father were abducted, was chased after requesting to be exiled from North Korea.

After the airing of the motorcycle chase scene, everyone and their mothers were talking about it and there were praises for Lee Jong Suk's good acting. It was said to be the start of the lethal combination of PD Jin Hyuk's directing skills and Lee Jong Suk's acting skills.

According to a representative from the production, Lee Jong Suk had to get a license to drive two-wheeled motor vehicles especially for this scene, contributing to the completion of the highlight of the scene shot in Hungary.

"Lee Jong Suk didn't leave out even the small details and tried his very best. Lee Jong Suk's growth as an actor is seen as he does the scene several times (until it was perfect)," shared a representative to Star News.

Will we see more action scenes from Lee Jong Suk in "Doctor Stranger"? Only one way to find out! Tune in to SBS every Monday and Tuesday, 9:55 p.m. (KST).

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