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Lee Jong Suk Goes from Doctor to Delivery Boy in New "Doctor Stranger" Stills

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Lee Jong Suk has turned into a strong and manly delivery guy for his role on the upcoming medical drama "Doctor Stranger."

SBS has revealed more stills from the drama shoot, and the most recent ones show Lee Jong Suk carrying heavy water bottles. As the previous stills have pictured him on a romantic bike date and passionately expressing the emotions of his character, we can only wonder what the story behind these diverse scenes is.

The actor will be playing the genius doctor Park Hoon, who was born in South Korea but grew up in the North. Completely contrary to the original image of his character, Lee Jong Suk can be seen dressed in casual clothing with a messy hairstyle in the latest stills. It seems that his youthful look is a part of Park Hoon's identity in South Korea, whereas the intense stills of him wearing a white coat depict his life as a student of Pyongyang Medical University in North Korea. 

The motivation behind Park Hoon's decision to become a delivery guy is his first love Song Jae Hee (Jin Se Yeon). By delivering water and working at a small clinic, he is saving up money in order to go after his love. 

Lee Jong Suk shows off his manly charms by walking around carrying a water container, which is said to weigh over 13 kilograms or 28 pounds, on his shoulder. Despite the demanding nature of the job, there are no signs of discomfort on his face, and he casually carries the huge water bottles like no big deal. 

Can't wait to see more of Lee Jong Suk's transformations for the role? Stay tuned for more stills and teasers, and make sure to catch the drama premiere on May 5!

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