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"Three Days" Kim Hyung Kyu Describes Park Yoochun as Nice and Respectable

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Actor Kim Hyung Kyu, who is starring in the new SBS weekend drama, “A Glorious Day,” shared his experience of working with Park Yoochun in the Wednesday – Thursday drama, “Three Days.” 

Kim Hyun Kyu, who played Yohan in the drama, talked about filming the action scenes with Park Yoochun for “Three Days.”

He said, “I filmed an action scene with Park Yoochun sunbae twice. I was surprised by how well he used his body. He was also very nice to all of the other actors, and he had a cool personality. He explained to me nicely about the action scene, and I was very thankful. This made me feel a bit envious, but it also made me respect him more.”

“Actually, I’m not very good with action, but while I was working with Park Yoochun sunbae, he made me want to push my own limits. I got hurt and ended up with some bruises, but I was happy. If I had to do it again, I would do it 100 times, even 10,000 times more.”

Kim Hyung Kyu will be playing the role of Seo In Woo on “A Glorious Day,” which began airing on April 26. Seo In Woo is the second son of a rice cake mill owner and a dentistry resident at the Korea University Hospital.

The actor remarked about his new role, “In Woo is very energetic, cute, and pleasant. His personality is similar to mine in real life, so I’m having fun portraying this character.”


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