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“K-Pop Star Season 3” Top 10 Contestants Confirmed


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SBS’ “K-Pop Star Season 3” Top 10 contestants have been confirmed.

On the February 23 broadcast of SBS’ “K-Pop Star Season 3,” the last moments of the “Battle Audition” took place with judges, Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young, and Yoo Hee Yeol.

Park Jin Young announced on the show, “We will announce five addition teams that will be added to the Top 10 list.” Prior to the announcement, Bernard Park, Han Hee Jun, Kwon Jin Ah, Almang, and Sam Kim already made the cut.

Park Jin Young called out Jjarimongttang, Jang Han Na, Bae Min Ah, Nam Young Joo, and Something as the remaining Top 10 contestants of “K-Pop Star Season 3,” Peter Han, the Chae Sisters, and Lee Chae Young did not make the cut.

Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk had an especially difficult time saying good-bye to Brody. Brody also expressed her disappointment with tears.  

The Top 10 Contestants:

Kwon Jin Ah 
K-pop Star season 3

K-pop Star season 3

Sam Kim 
K-pop Star season 3

Han Hee Jun
han hee joon

Bernard Park
K-pop Star season 3

K-pop Star season 3

Jang Han Na
K-pop Star season 3

Bae Min Ah 
K-pop Star season 3

Nam Young Joo
K-pop Star season 3

K-pop Star season 3

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