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G-Dragon Disses Big Bang's Dancing Skills?

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G-Dragon shared what he truly thinks of Big Bang on the dance floor.

On January 26, Big Bang rocked the stage at their concert titled "2014 BIGBANG +α IN SEOUL" at the Olympic Park Sports Stadium in Seoul. After two days of performing for a full audience, it was time to wrap up the successful series of concerts.

In the middle of the concert, the leader said with a wide smile, "Today is the last day of our concert tour. We have held shows for two days, and maybe it's because this is the last day, but the response has been very good."

"Our next song is an old one," G-Dragon said as he introduced "La La La," "Now, we are very bad at sharp dance moves, but around our debut era, we did the best we could."

At this point, T.O.P gave a taste of the choreography, and showed some of the moves without any background music. G-Dragon commented, "You can only imagine how much we practiced, if we still remember the choreography that well. Our ankles became strong."

Taeyang reminisced the past, "Let's think about our rookie days and do our best," and Daesung said right before the song hit, "We will show you some real sharp and clean dancing."

During the concert, G-Dragon also announced the group's upcoming comeback, which will take place this summer.

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