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[Upcoming Drama 2023] The Woman Who Plays, 놀아주는 여자- Uhm Tae Goo, Han Sun Hwa & Kwon Yul-


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Drama: The Woman Who Plays

Hangul: 놀아주는 여자

Genre: romance

Network: JTBC



Writer: Na Kyung (

Release Date:


Production Company:



Official site:






Uhm Tae Goo as Ji Hwan

Han Sun Hwa as Eun Ha

Kwon Yul as

Kim Hyun Jin as Joo Il Yong

Park Jae Chan as Dong Hee



Character descriptions






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by lo_ve, October 28, 2022
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Uhm Tae Goo and SECRET's Han Sun Hwa will be the main leads of the upcoming JTBC drama "The Woman Who Plays."

On October 28th, media outlet OSEN shared that Uhm Tae Goo and Han Sun Hwa have been picked to lead the upcoming JTBC series "The Woman Who Plays." 

This will be the reunion drama of Uhm Tae Goo and Han Sun Hwa. They have worked together before through the 2019 OCN drama "Save Me 2" with other leads Chun Ho Jin, Esom, Kim Young Min, and Jo Jae Yoon

The upcoming series will exclusively air on JTBC. There are no details yet about the plot and other casting details.

"The Woman Who Plays" will begin its filming in the early months of 2023.




This will be the comeback of Uhm Tae Goo to dramas. He last starred in Apple TV's original series "Dr. Brain" with Lee Sun Kyun, Lee Yoo Young, Park Hee Soon, Seo Ji Hye, Lee Jae Won, and Jo Bok Rae. For this year, Uhm Tae Goo made a special appearance in the film "The Witch: Part 2. The Other One." 

Uhm Tae Goo made his acting debut in 2007. Since then, he has shown a variety of performances in different genres such as "Hometown," "Secretly Greatly," "A Taxi Driver," "The Age of Shadows," "Coin Locker Girl," "My Punch-Drunk Boxer," "Night in Paradise," and more.

Meanwhile, idol actress Han Sun Hwa is booked and busy with dramas and films. Before the year ends, she will return to the "Work Later, Drink Now Season 2." Han Sun Hwa is also set to star in the upcoming movies "Sweet and Warm," "A Letter from Kyoto," and "Girls in the Cage." 

In 2022, Han Sun Hwa made a special appearance in the film "Daemuga: Sorrow and Joy." She also appeared in a supporting role in the drama "Why Her?" led by Seo Hyun Jin, Hwang In Youp, Heo Joon Ho, Bae In Hyuk, Jo Young Jin, and Kim Sun Hyuk.





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News bites: January 10, 2023

by tccolb


On the JTBC front, Kwon Yul (Mental Coach Jegal) joins Uhm Tae-gu (Hometown) and Han Sun-hwa (Work Later Drink Now 2) in the lineup for The Woman Who Plays. Based on a popular web novel by the same title, the romance has PD Kim Young-hwan directing with Na Kyung penning the scripts. [MBC]





Kwon Yul, Han Seonhwa X Um Tae-goo appearing in ‘Woman Who Plays’… “Positive Discussion” [Official]


Actor Kwon Yul is positively discussing appearing in the drama 'Playing Girl'. On the 10th, an official from Kwon Yul’s agency, Saram Entertainment, said in a phone call with OSEN, “Kwon Yul is discussing positively about appearing in the drama ‘Playing Girl’.”

'The Girl Who Plays' is a work depicting the romance between Ji-hwan, the older brother who has cleared up his dark past, and Eun-ha, the mini-sister who plays with the children. It is based on a web novel of the same name.


Actor Uhm Tae-goo plays the role of Ji-hwan in the play, and actor Han Seon-hwa plays the role of Eun-ha, cooperating with Kwon Yul. 'Woman Who Plays with You' was organized by JTBC and is currently in the process of filming.


Kwon Yul made his debut in 2007 with the drama 'Run Mackerel' and starred in the films 'Pieta', 'War on Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys', 'Myeongryang', 'Park Yeol', dramas 'The Great King Sejong', 'My Daughter Seoyoung', 'Let's eat 2', 'Voice 2', 'The King: Eternal Monarch', 'Daughter-in-law 2... ing', etc.

tvN's 'Mental Coach Jegal-gil', which ended last November, is his latest work, and the synergy he will show with Han Seon-hwa and Um Tae-goo is expected.



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Exclusive] 'Cheer Up' Kim Hyun-jin confirmed to appear in 'Woman Who Plays With You'


SBS 드라마 ‘치얼업’ 출연 배우 김현진이 28일 스포츠경향과 인터뷰에 앞서 포즈를 취하고 있다. 2022.11.28/정지윤 선임기자


Actor Kim Hyun-jin appears on JTBC's 'Woman Who Plays' (directed by Kim Young-hwan), a comprehensive programming channel.


As a result of the coverage of ‘Sports Trend’ on the 9th, Kim Hyun-jin continues hisrookie move by playing the role of Ju-young Joo in ‘Woman Who Plays’.


Ju-Young Joo, played by Kim Hyun-Jin, is one of Ji-Hwan's followers. Together with Eom Tae-goo, who decided to appear earlier,  plans to infuse the play with fun and tension at the same time.


After debuting as a model in 2015, Kim Hyun-jin made his mark as an actor by filming the web drama ‘Sugar Coating’ and ‘Can Time Deliver’ in 2020.He played the role of ‘Jin Seon-ho’ in the recently ended SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Cheer Up’, and was greatly loved for his great looks and physicality. “Woman Who Plays With You” starring Kim Hyun-jin is scheduled to air this year.





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