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Infinite's Sung Gyu and Sung Jong Give Cute New Year's Greetings and Poke Fun at Each Other

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Infinite leader Sung Gyu and maknae (youngest) Sung Jong recently posted a cute New Year’s video, wishing everyone a happy and successful 2014. The video also doubles as a preview for Infinite's new reality TV show called "This Is Infinite," to air its first episode on February 6!

Sung Gyu and Sung Jong took some time to wish each other well for the new year with some playfully charged words, each sentence accompanied in the video by a sword sound effect and a speech bubble (shown below in parentheses) of what they actually mean to say.

Sung Gyu said to the youngest member, “You should put in some more effort in 2014. And dye your hair more often (You should stop dying your hair so often). I’d like it if you’d show us a lot of your lemon candy-like cute and refreshing charm (Just how old are you? Aren’t you tired of lemon candy?).”

Sung Jong immediately jumped in, “Yes, absolutely! (Oh, that’s how it is?)” and playfully shot back, “Please don’t faint this year (tsk tsk.. How frail do you have to be to pass out?). You belong to the group Infinite as a whole, so I’d love it if you’d spend an illness-free, healthy 2014 (So… you’re half of fifty-years-old? Take care! You could kick the bucket at any second!).”  

Sung Gyu then addressed the audience once more, “Yes, everyone (I’ll see you afterwards, dye otaku!), health is the most important. We wish for a year full of love for everyone, and have a great new year!”

(‘otaku’ is a Japanese term used to refer to someone who is a huge fan of something/obsessed, usually for fans of anime or manga.)

Watch the New Year's greetings video below, and be sure to catch Infinite's new reality show "This Is Infinite" on February 6!

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