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Actor Son Ho Joon Shares Honest Thoughts on Yunho's Acting Advice

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Actor Son Ho Joon revealed that his good friend, TVXQ’s Yunho gives him acting advice. On January 21, MNEt's “Beatles Code” had a special episode on those who have appeared on tvN drama, “Reply 1994.”

This day, Son Ho Joon appeared with  Tiny-G’s members Dohee and J-Min. Also Roo’ra members Lee Sang Min and Chae Ri Na appeared on the show. The MCs on the show asked Son Ho Joon if there was ever a time he wanted to reply “Focus on yourself” when Yunho gave him acting advice.  Due to their persistent questioning, he caved in and honestly stated “There were many times.” Son Ho Joon jokingly continued, “On the outside when Yunho gives me acting advice, I calmly reply 'Really?' However, on the inside, I think to myself 'What about yourself?'"

 Due to that statement, the whole studio burst out into laughter. Son Ho Joon seriously continued, “To be honest. Yunho always monitors my acting and gives me suggestions on what would make it better. He is analytical. He thoroughly analyzes my acting to the point that it is air-tight. I am unable to doubt his reasoning.”  

In addition to this, Son Ho Joon revealed his sincere relationship with Yunho, especially during the ten years as a rookie actor. As Son Ho Joon recalls his difficult time, he sayed “During that time, he was like my father. He took care of me like my father would. Back then, I was proud that Yunho, a big star was my friend. However, now Yunho is proud of me”.

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