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Lee Min Woo Films MV for Upcoming Solo Album

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Shinhwa's Lee Min Woo is gearing up for his solo comeback!

On January 20, Lee Min Woo was at the music video set for his upcoming single, "Taxi," and stated, "There isn't a singer who doesn't want to aim for number one. I want to rank number one as a solo artist."

Lee Min Woo continued, "Last year, Shinhwa received eight number one trophies. The first one or two trophies didn't give me much feelings but after getting three or four, I wanted to get more. If I receive a number one trophy as a soloist, I think I would feel a lot of things."

The singer promised, "If 'Taxi' reaches number one, I will pick four fans who comes to visit the music program set and drive them all home in a taxi."

"Taxi" is Lee Min Woo's title track for his 10 year anniversary special album titled "M-TEN." This track is composed by the production team Split and written by Lee Min Woo himself. It is about a drunk man who gets into a taxi and the events that occur from there. The track also features fellow Shinhwa member, Eric.

"Taxi" has a funky disco rhythm and will complement Lee MinWoo's sexy vocals. The track will be released on February 6.

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