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Wassup Injects Playful Energy into Their "Nom Nom Nom" EP and MV


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Rookie hip-hop female group Wassup has released the music video for their first EP album title track,  “Nom Nom Nom”! The album is produced by the producers of MAFIA records.

The music video features an exciting, dancehall-influenced beat. Dancehall is a genre of Jamaican music, somewhat like reggae (check out Wassup’s dancehall cover dance). For their debut track, the group introduced twerking into their choreography, and now for their next single, Wassup introduces the childhood sport of jump roping, as well as the game of  ttak-ji-chi-gi (a game of slap-match), into the choreography and music video. These emphasize the energetic and playful tone of the track and mv.

Wassup also previously released a style concept image for "Nom Nom Nom," which shows the members dressed in a white swimsuit paired with blue jeans. This look allows the members to play up both their sexy and hip-hop image.

Check the playful track and music video below!

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