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Lee Yeon Hee and 2PM’s Taecyeon Share an Intimate Embrace

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The movie “Marriage Blue” released a photo of an intimate moment between Lee Yeon Hee and Ok Taecyeon of 2PM.

“Marriage Blue” follows the love story of famous chef Won Chul, played by Ok Taecyeon, and nail artist So Mi, played by Lee Yeon Hee. Having dated for seven years, the movie portrays So Mi’s adventure to Jeju Island in order to participate in a nail art competition before her wedding. Despite the couple’s enduring relationship, the lack of heart fluttering moments in the seven-year relationship causes an anxious So Mi to secretively go on her last adventure before marriage.

The released movie still revealed a seven-year couple’s natural skinship, as Lee Yeon Hee and Ok Taecyeon share an intimate embrace. Conveying a relationship between lovers comfortable enough to naturally plan a wedding without a proposal, “Marriage Blue” also depicts the issue of So Mi’s lukewarm feelings contrasted to Won Chul’s unchanging love, exploring the possible conflicts of a long-term relationship.

Being relatable to any long-term couples struggling to pass a period of apathy, Lee Yeon Hee’s and Ok Taecyeon’s portrayal of real relationship struggles is expected to capture the hearts of movie goers.

“Marriage Blue” illustrates the relatable wedding stories of four couples a week before marriage; the movie will be released in theaters on November 21.

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