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Who Shares a Couple Ring with G-Dragon?

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G-Dragon (of BIGBANG) was recently caught on camera sporting a couple ring.

Comedian Jung Hyung Don and G-Dragon have been receiving a lot of attention for their superb chemistry and exciting push-and-pull relationship on MBC’s “Infinity Challenge Freeway Music Festival” special episodes.

Netizens recently began talking about Jung Hyung Don’s and G-Dragon’s couple rings on an online community forum.

The couple rings first appeared on the October 12 broadcast of the “Infinity Challenge Music Festival.” Jung Hyung Don and G-Dragon had gone shopping for performance outfits at Dongmyo Market. The two were seen purchasing couple rings of the same design together at the market, and at some point, both were seen sporting the rings.

G-Dragon had his ring again on the October 26 broadcast of “Infinity Challenge.” He was spotted with the ring on his finger while working on their song with Jung Hyung Don at their recording studio. Jung Hyung Don, however, did not have his ring on.

Netizen's have compared them to "We Got Married," the reality show pairing two celebrities together, saying that the G-Dragon-Hyung Don couple is more exciting than the "We Got Married" couples and suggesting they should appear on the show together.

"Hyung Yong Don Jyung," G-Dragon's and Jung Hyung Don's unit group will also be making an appearance together soon on MBC Every1's "Weekly Idol."'

G-Dragon and Hyung Don

G-Dragon and Hyung Don
G-Dragon and Hyung Don 2

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