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EXO's "Military Exemption Petition" Reportedly Fake, "EXO Planet" Fan Club Makes Official Statement

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Recently, a supposed online petition to exempt EXO members from mandatory military service has become a blazing hot topic online. The absurdity of the petition and some agreeing fan comments has put EXO and their fans back in the spotlight. 

While many netizens (and Soompiers alike) were upset at such an idea, some questioned the validity of the petition. The overzealous and irrational content of the petition has some netizens wondering if the originator is actually an EXO anti-fan hoping to cause some trouble. Regardless, this petition has become a hot topic online with over 1,000 comments. 

However, it turns out that no such petition exists. EXO fan clubs reported that there were no such petition receiving signatures in their sites. One large EXO fan club, with over 100 thousand members, called "EXO Planet" went as far to release an official statement in response to the controversy.

The petition reads:

"Hello. This is Daum's 'Exo Planet'. We are writing this statement because someone, whether it be an anti-fan or real fan, had written a post that puts EXO in bad light, and that post has been shared to various portal sites. We have absolutely no plans to sign any petition to exempt EXO members from military service. We love them in a way that will always support and encourage EXO when they make the right choices, and hope for the better with hurt hearts when they make poor decisions. 

We want you to know that we had nothing to do with this petition. However, if someone is spreading false information to hurt or make things difficult for our members, than we will take legal action."

 With this new information, some netizens accused anti-fans of causing unnecessary controversy, while other mentioned the pointlessness of the whole ordeal.

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