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Big Bang T.O.P’s Movie “The Commitment” Will Premiere Internationally in the US and Europe

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Showbox recently announced on October 16 that “The Commitment,” in which Big Bang’s T.O.P plays the main role, will premiere in the United States and Europe.

According to Showbox, Wellgo USA has bought distribution rights for “The Commitment."  The company has previously done the same for the movies “The Man From Nowhere” (2010), “The Front Line” (2011), “My Way” (2011), and most recently, “Thieves” (2012), and had successful releases. 

Wellgo USA said, “‘The Commitment’ will premiere in major cities in the United States on the twenty-ninth of November. This will be roughly three weeks after the premiere in Korea.”

Splendid Film, the European company who bought distribution rights for a German version of “The Commitment,” has also previously done so for the Korean movies “I Saw the Devil” (2010), “War of the Arrows” (2011), “Jeon Woo-chi” (2012), “The Berlin File” (2013), and “The Man From Nowhere” (2010). 

“The Commitment” is a movie about a nineteen-year-old North Korean boy who, as a result of his father getting framed, must take on dangerous assignments in South Korea in order to save his younger sister.  The movie will premiere on November 6.

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