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B.A.P Debuts in Japan With Single Album “Warrior”

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On October 9, B.A.P made their Japanese debut with the release of their first Japanese single “Warrior.” Much attention is being focused on the promotion of this debut since the group’s Pacific tour, “B.A.P on Earth” held in June sold out before an official debut.

B.A.P plans to release their Korean songs that gained much popularity by singing them in Japanese. The album includes “Warrior,” “Power,” “One Shot,” and “Punch.”


In Shibuya and other major streets around Japan, billboards and posters of each member announcing B.A.P’s debut were installed on building walls and columns. Also, flags with a picture of Matoki, the mascot for B.A.P, hung in the streets.

B.A.P poster on Japanese Building

Moreover, a special B.A.P booth was installed which is predicted to draw much attention. The group also made appearances on a number of shows in Japan including NHK’s "Music Japan," and Nihon TV’s "Pon."

Meanwhile, B.A.P is scheduled to tour cities in Japan including Kobe, Nagoya, and Tokyo.

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