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Baek Ji Young: "My Miscarriage Was Due to an Infection"

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On October 7, Baek Ji Young appeared on SBS’ Healing Camp, revealing the story behind her miscarriage. She started with saying, “The miscarriage wasn’t because of overwork or anything. They say a child is a gift from heaven.” The singer explained, “I just entered into a stable point in my pregnancy, but I started to suddenly gain a lot of weight for the first time in months. My doctor recommended some exercise, so I did some swimming as well as special physical training for pregnant women. In the end, I think it was because of an infection. They say that it could happen at anytime. But when I asked my doctor at the university hospital, even he couldn’t give me an exact answer.” She added, “Honestly, one thing I want to say is that unlike relationships or marriage, the pain of a miscarriage isn’t something I can easily just talk about. She continued, “My husband, Jung Seok Won, as a father as well as a son-in-law, became a solid support. I could really rely on him. While in the hospital, he made me laugh a lot.” She said, shedding tears, “There were some pictures that we took at the time, and looking at them later, they reminded me of the movie, 'Life is Beautiful'.” baekjiyoung_healingcamp

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