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SHINee Releases Music Video Teaser for "Everybody"

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Is "Everybody" ready for SHINee's mini album comeback? The popular group released the music video teaser for their title track, "Everybody."

"Everybody" will be a track with a melody that anyone can easily hum to. The song is part of the new Complextro genre and will wake up whoever hears it with its exciting rhythm. The teaser shows a preview of the intense choreography and the chorus full of "Everybody." The choreography for this song was put together by Tony Testa, a world renown choreography who has worked with SHINee before for "Sherlock" and "Dream Girl." 

The group previously released their concept trailer, showing a fierce new futuristic and artistic look. They also performed "Everybody" for the first time at the "SHINee Comeback Special" in Gangnam. 

SHINee will be having their first comeback stage October 10 on “M!Countdown” and continue with the rest of the week’s music shows. “Everybody” will be revealed later on October 14.

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