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DSP Media States It Has No Plans to Add New Members to Kara

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With the news that Nicole will be leaving Kara still sinking in, the group's agency, DSP Media, revealed to local news outlet Star News that it currently has no plans to add new members to Kara.

DSP Media sated, "With Nicole showing no intention of renewing her contract, her contract will end as expected January of next year." It continued, "Even if Nicole leaves, we have no plans to add a new member."

The rep explained, "Each member's image is established and with the current popularity of Kara, we are skeptical about a adding a new member. There have been speculations that we would add a member, but considering the current situation, the chances of that is very low. We will most likely work within the established mold."

Even with Nicole confirmed to leave in January and Kang Ji Young considering her options, the group will continue to their activities as five with their Japan arena tour, which starts October 8 in Yokohama, Japan. Kara will hit seven cities, and the final date of the tour has been set as November 24 in Kobe, Japan.

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