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Baek Ji Young Sues Netizens for Spiteful Remarks Regarding Her Miscarriage

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On October 3, Seoul’s Suseo Police Station stated, “Baek Ji Young’s agency sued the netizens who left spiteful remarks regarding her family affairs on internet blogs and we’re currently investigating the case.”

The police station revealed that one of the netizens (henceforth, netizen A) left a message on an internet community bulletin that reads, “xxx Baek Ji Young smokes the cigarettes so xxx of course she would wound up like that.” The message was posted on June 27, within the day news were released regarding Baek Ji Young’s miscarriage.

Some of netizen A’s other comments include, “If you’re sorry to the baby, die quietly” and “She probably had an abortion on purpose.” The police identified netizen A by tracing her IP address and has summoned her to the station.

Baek Ji Young’s agency submitted a big pile of documents logging the many malicious comments left by netizens. A representative from her agency stated, “Do the people, who managed to say things that are inconceivable to a woman who experienced an abortion, words that are fully of sarcasm and mockery, have common sense? We will proactively take action against the netizens who left Baek Ji Young and her family with deep scars.”

Baek Ji Young married actor Jung Suk Won this past June and was four months pregnant during the wedding ceremony. She has been resting after getting married and facing a miscarriage.

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