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EXO Fans Ruin Baekhyun's Older Brother's Wedding


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It looks as though certain wedding guests couldn't contain their excitement over seeing EXO and ruined a rather momentous occasion for Baekhyun's older brother, his bride and the rest of the wedding guests.

On September 29, photos from Baekhyun's older brother's wedding flooded online community forums under the collective post title, "EXO Fans that Went Too Far." The coined term for fans who often violate the privacy of their idols is also known as "Sasaeng." Netizens have thus assigned these fans the "Sasaeng" title. 

It is still unclear as to whether these sasaeng fans were simply overexcited wedding guests or uninvited wedding crashers. 

According to the eyewitness account of one of the wedding guests, "At what was otherwise a peaceful wedding - the moment EXO made their appearance, things just went crazy. They were going to sing a congratulatory song for the groom and bride, but then all of a sudden these people we hadn't seen before started standing on chairs to film and creating a ruckus." 

The wedding guest went on to share, "Not only that - they also ruined the cake-cutting ceremony. Since the EXO members were standing behind the groom and the bride, these fans formed a crowd around them and prevented any of the guests from getting near with all of their begging for autographs and incessant picture-taking. They had no respect for the groom and bride- it was their special moment."

Here are a couple photos that were taken at the wedding. Netizens have described Baekhyun's expression as a mixture of embarrassment and anger. The second photo reveals just the unexpected chaos that ensued with EXO's appearance at the wedding.

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