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[Live Recap] "Master's Sun" Episode 11


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What gets me the most about this couple is their unspoken sincerity for each other. They may not be totally up front about their feelings, but when their backs are turned, their true colors come out. Joong Won can't stand to be without her and is following his heart more these days. Gong Sil continues to worry about how each of her actions might affect him. She is afraid of showing too much not knowing he has surpassed her in that regard. When it comes to Gong Sil, his heart leaps into action and reacts to situations and throws his calculations out the window. I love that he has finally learned to love with his heart and not with his mind. They keep bringing up the story of the wolf and the goat, but no matter how it turns out, they each made sacrifices for the other out of love. I really hope that is the only lesson Joong Won takes away from that story. That loving someone so much means you think of them first before yourself. That there is no other better reason than love for changing your ways. Sometimes when you open your heart, you get back more than what you gave. When it came to Hee Joo, opening his heart to her left room for regrets and feelings of betrayal, but all those years and the right woman finally shoved out all that. Just as it should be, Gong Sil is residing in his heart now, slowly filling it with love. Let's just hope and pray there is no room for anything else this time.  

*I swear I never said "daebak" so often in a drama before this one. I find myself screaming it inwardly all the time. sometimes quietly in awe, but most times feeling that is the only accurate word to describe each of these great episodes. This one made me squeal, bawl, and swoon at the end. Just when you think it just can't get better than this, it does in the most perfect way.  

Written before it aired:

For a drama about death and ghosts, there sure is a lot of life to it. Every episode makes you think about it with new perspectives and what it really means to live. Even the ghosts on this show teach you lessons you never expected to learn, but it's our two leads that are breaking my heart each week. All the signs were there leading up to this confession that Joong Won was falling for her, but Gong Sil missed each one cuz she was too busy seeing him only as her bunker. She has more to lose than him if this doesn't work out. If the relationship falls apart, he can just walk away, but she loses her only source of relief from ghosts. Now that his admission is out there hanging between them, I can't help but wonder what he will do next. He threw out that challenge telling her to "handle this," but he should have been asking that himself. Can he really handle being in love and everything that entails? Cuz so far he doesn't have a great track record for being a good potential boyfriend. Kang Woo gave her compliments, candy, coffee, a Gong Sil Doll, and the freedom to be herself. In comparison, all Joong Won did was stand there as her bunker once in a while, tried to use her ghost catching ability to his advantage despite her fears, and constantly tell her to "get lost." Those were just some of his worst behavior that I highlighted since we know how he really behaves when she is not around. We've watched  him go through all the stages of lovesickness from staring at his hand where he touched her or how it felt when she held him, but she never got to witness all those revealing moments. Gong Sil hasn't seen the step by step transformation that has come over him. She wasn't privy to the fact that Joong Won didn't fall in love with her cuz of the laws of attraction alone- it was what she managed to bring out of him. When he felt himself reaching for her hand to be her bunker, she was saving him right back. The text got a little clearer and he could actually contemplate the idea of reading again with her by his side. With every interaction between them, he was getting one step closer to letting go of his first love curse and becoming normal again. He became more humane, compassionate, and in tune with his own growing feelings for her with each touch. It's no wonder he can't let go of her now.


If you ask me, those previews are becoming more cryptic with each passing week. They cut and inserted dialogue so much that with just the translations alone, it makes no sense, but if you paste them in a certain way with all the emotional undertones together, it breaks your heart. I almost bawled watching it and can't wait to see if those tears were warranted tonight.

 Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won (JW)  Tae Gong Shil (GS) Kang Woo (KW)  Tae Yi Ryeong (YR)
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do (Secretary Kim)  Joo Sung Ran (SR) Do Seuk Chul (SC)

Episode 11 

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Starts from Joong Won saying Tae Yang I seem to love you - what are you going to do now. Gong Sil: you said you were getting married, told me to be candy, and now you are saying you love me?  are you teasing me? Joong Won: I broke off an expensive marriage, threw out personality that makes my hands and feet shrivel even (showing aegyo) and brought you out so does it look like I'm teasing? Gong Sil: why are you doing this - it's scary. Joong Won: when you first hung onto me saying you could see ghosts, I thought you were kidding and was scared. I understand how you feel, but I accepted it so you accept. Gong Sil: if I accept does something change? Joong Won: since you are not getting this, I will give you an example. from here on if you say to me - I will just hold hands and sleep, I will let you enjoy it as much as you want. he opens his arms to demonstrate. Gong Sil: are you doing this on purpose so I wont touch you?  me - keep touching you - it's not to enjoy it. it cant be helped cuz I need you - you know that. Joong Won: you have a clear reason but my reason is gone (now). the calculations don't fit so I wondered what is the reason to keep putting us together and I ended up liking you. cuz I was afraid I would use you freely so I tried to restrain myself with a wedding and tried to make you into a candy I can calculate, but you said you didn't like it. I did my best so now I will do whatever I want. to not be turned around (by me) and hang in there-from here on now it's up to you. you handle it. Gong Sil: I don't get it. if you like me shouldn't you ask me to fall for you (come over to you). Joong Won: does this look like a sweet confession to seduce you right now? it means even if I seduce you don't fall for it - it's a warning. Gong Sil: If you don't want me to fall for you then you shouldn't seduce me.  a ghost keeps interfering her so she says to the ghost I am talking seriously now so wait. come later. she turns back to Joong Won and summarizes  what he is saying "I like you but don't like me" is this it? the ghost bugs her again so she says wait I am having a serious talk here. right now I cant listen to that... Joong Won suddenly hugs her and makes the ghost go away. Joong Won: while we were apart I missed you every day and worried too. in case you called, checking all the time was pathetic so I turned it off and didn't take your calls.  Gong Sil: if you are like this then what do I do? He looks at her and says this is what I am saying you have to handle. you agreed that you  would be ok. I trust you. he holds her hand and says I feel better now I got all this off my chest. let's go. She still looks baffled

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-04-09]

Yi Ryeong says to Kang Woo - to Tae Gong Sil - president Joo is that one special person in this world. that's what she said. and president Joo broke off his engagement and came to get her. you can't get between them there. Kang Woo: that is so. Yi Ryeong: if you know then you shouldn't look at her. Kang Woo: I will take care of that on my own.  if you know now, don't follow me around. I didn't pay any attention cuz I thought you were bored and hung around me, but if you were sincere, then stop. Yi Ryeong: I wasn't sincere. I'm only serious on documentary programs. chasing after you was to film the variety Running man. I'm not stopping cuz you told me to stop - I will stop cuz I am tired of it. Kang Woo: that's good - you said your friends are here so go in. he leaves and she mutters Yoo Jae Suk told me thanks for coming out and asked me to come out on his show again. what is that guy (Kang Woo) to say that to me.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-14-57]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-22-30]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-24-49]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-29-05]

Joong Won is still holding her hand as they walk. Gong Sil: maybe cuz I kept touching you and getting close to you - that's why you crave me. Joong Won: just cuz I crave you a little I wouldn't look for you. of course your sixth sense is more sharp than others, but that sixth sense isn't "that" sixth sense (He looks down at her body cuz "yook gam" can also mean sensuality and not just sixth sense). anyway, cuz of your yook gam, so I guess you can say I was possessed/bewitched by your yook gam (could mean her sensuality or sixth sense).  Gong Sil: then are we having a date holding hands like this? Joong Won: is there a place you want to go? Gong Sil: there are a lot of places I want to go but at night it's scary... (she suddenly realizes who he is to her and says) but if I hold onto you like this, I can go anywhere. Joong Won: that's the kind of man I am to you. Gong Sil: if I go holding onto you, we can go to all night markets, see late night movies, and see night views too. last time I went up to a high place to see the night view and got chased by ghosts banging on the windows so I didn't get to see anything and came out. Joong Won: if you like high places should I fly my plane and look at the sky? Gong Sil: are you going to go anywhere with me? Joong Won: today I will stick to you cuz I am enjoying it.  she is excited and wonders aloud where to go - namdaemun? dongdaemun? should we go to the ocean? what to do. She holds his hand up to her cheek. He suddenly gets a call from Kim and takes back his hand for a second. after his call, she says I decided but he says for today go with me to where I am going. Gong Sil: where? Joong Won: a place where the richest in this country are gathered. he checks out her outfit and says for starters - let's buy you some clothes so you look elegant in black.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-32-23]

They are at the funeral of Giant group's chairman who passed away and sangjoo is giant group's president. Gong Soo: you didn't have to go so far as to tell me you loved me to bring me here. he explains it was just timing that this happened. Gong Sil: I don't believe it. I will just put up the radar. she walks off to look for the ghost.

News reports about the Giant mall chairman's death today - location of his death and where his family will hold the wake

Sung Ran and Seuk Chul are in the car on their way to the wake. He is talking about how the chairman pushed his wife and son away in his last days and stayed with his mistress. Sung Ran says such a man who was clean cut and a family man - he gave a big betrayal before he left. Seuk Chul says how afraid everyone is that the woman will show up at the wake.  Sung Ran: that son - the president of giant mall - how much of a shock he has - he isn't even crying

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-59-04]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-01-20]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-03-00]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-17-51]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-18-12]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-12-21]

Joong Won points out the president of giant mall and Gong Sil takes one look at him and says "wow." Joong Won: what is it? did you see something (as in the ghost). Gong Sil's mouth falls open. he is so good looking. you insulted him so much so I thought he would be unattractive, but he is cool. Jealous Joong Won takes her chin and points it his way and says this is a date right now so how can you look at some other guy. plug in the radar and just find the ghost. Gong Sil: while the radar is plugged in don't touch me. some man comes over to greet Joong Won and says it's been a long time. Gong Sil tries to sneak away but the man asks did she come with you. Joong Won puts his arm around her and introduces Gong Sil as his girlfriend so the man invites her to come together at the next company event. after he leaves, she asks why are you like this. how can you say that I am your girlfriend when there are so many of your rich friends here. Joong Won: what I did in front of your friends, if I don't do it in front of my friends, you will get peeved. He makes a radar motion and asks if nothing is catching her yet. She looks around for the ghost and says not yet. I will go look for it. She walks away muttering she keeps getting caught as she tries to handle it.

Gong Sil walks around looking for the ghost and finds the dead chairman. he looks at her when she calls out chairman

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-19-44]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-22-11]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-23-32]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-24-00]

Gong Sil says to Joong Won- I met him. Joong Won: who? Gong Sil points out the photo of the deceased and says isn't that the chairman. Joong Won: yes. Gong Sil: he asked me some favor. there is something his son cant know no matter what and asked me to get rid of it. they look over at the son. he just told his mother to rest.

Flashback to the son finding his dad collapsed. the paramedics take out the deceased chairman and the son looks around and there are stuff for women everywhere. he picks up a bottle of perfume and smells it

The son says to his father's photo - you deceived all your life and you got caught at the end father.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-40-05]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-40-28]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-40-38]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-56-04]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-15-33]

In the car, Gong Sil says: the chairman said the person he was with in his last moments - it was the woman he hid and loved all his life. and asked to get rid of her stuff for him. Joong Won says I don't want to get involved in messy things. in those last moments if he only left behind an important business secret, it would have been nice. Gong Sil: awhile ago when I saw that giant mall president, he didn't cry and his expression wasn't good. cuz his father passed away next to his mistress' side, it must have been a shock to him. Joong Won: there is someone like my father who is always next to his mistress' side. if that hidden woman shows up, the problem with the inheritance will get noisy. so that woman shows up and blows up an emotional bomb in front of giant mall's president - just act like you don't know and leave it alone. Gong Sil: he seems like a good person so we should stop the bomb from exploding. Joong Won glares and says whose side are you on. Gong Sil: let's go tomorrow afternoon together. it will take about two hours from here to get to Chungpyun so we can come back before sunset.  Joong Won says my resort is in Yangpyun.  Gong Sil: are you bragging now? they said the chairman's resort is in Chungpyun. Joong Won says I don't intend to go there with you. I want to have fun and I'm saying let's go to Yangpyun. We could leave now too.  Gong Sil: Yangpyun? that place is really nice huh? Joong Won nods and smiles.  She suddenly gets upset thinking he is being devilish and and says enjoy what? it's ok. Joong Won: don't worry Tae Gong Sil. I could go there with you and just hold your hand and sleep. I trusted you so if you don't trust me, it will really make me sad.  he tried to start the engine so she hits his hand and says where are you trying to go.  I cant go with you to Yangpyun. Joong Won: Ok we wont go. we have to go home separately.  what are you thinking. I will just take you home. she scolds him for changing his mind so much.  are you teasing me? he admits I am just playing along with you with your ghost play.  we live in different neighborhoods - playing ghosts isn't fun but since you like it I just wanted to play with you. so you wont be afraid of ghosts anymore and when it's ok for you to play alone, I  will tell you to stop playing and return you to your home. you said I could see the end, that's up to you too. Gong Sil: we have to do that. at some point we have to end it well. don't end up like that wolf and goat. Joong Won: what happens to them? Gong Sil: there is a fairtytale so read it once if you can. Joong Won: are you looking down at me now for not being able to read a fairytale? if you are going to be like that I will go to Yangpyun now. he starts his engine. Gong Sil calls his bluff and says: then try going cuz I don't plan to just hold hands and sleep. you said you will play well and return me. I understood well so right now just come with me to the front of my house cuz this is a wake, ghosts might follow me. Joong Won: ok -just in case you never know. he touches her shoulder with one finger to scare off any ghosts. he gives her a cute little smile and drives away.

Sung Ran tells her brother Joong Won's dad that Joong Won broke off his engagement again. I was nervous so before you came I was going to take care of it, but he broke it off. chairman asks how many has this been - third or fourth? Seuk Chul: it was the fourth - talk again will pop up that it was cuz of the curse of the dead girl. chairman asks Sung Ran: from what you can see, is Joong Won doing that cuz of that girl Cha Hee Joo? Sung Ran: this time for sure it isn't. there is a girl named Bang Sil. Seuk Chul corrects her and says it's not Bang Sil, it's Tae Gong Sil.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-48-47]

flashback to chairman hearing from Kang Woo that Tae Gong Sil has a special ability to see dead people. she said she saw the dead Cha Hee Joo.   chairman: my prickly son believes that unbelievable talk? Kang Woo: yes cuz of that he wont believe this (the photo) is the Hee Joo who is alive. chairman: from what you can see what do you think Kang Woo? you kept that woman close and watched her.  Kang Woo: I believe Tae Gong Sil's words too

Chairman says aloud - Tae Gong Sil

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-53-48]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-55-45]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-58-50]

Joong Won brought her home and leans on his car. Gong Sil bows and tells him to go. Joong Won asks what is the title of that story about the wolf and goat that we talked about a while ago. Gong Sil: the book? that came out as a manwha movie so just watch that. He feels insulted again so she clarifies - the book is depressing and you cant read books anyway. Joong Won: I wont ask you to read it for me.  Gong Sil: I thought about it. when you said we are playing and enjoying at first it made me feel bad, but when I tell people about ghosts, they tell me I am unlucky so it's better than that.  so while we are together let's get along well and play. she bows and leaves. Joong Won: that's right. after getting along and playing well - the wolf should go to the wolf's home and the goat should go to the goat's home -they should go back well. Kang Woo arrives to watch her go in and Joong Won leave

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-09-12]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-06-56]

Gong Sil says the recycle bin should be full like this all the time so who has been emptying it. so strange. Kang Woo calls out her name and comes over. Kang Woo: you left like that a while ago - are you okay?  what is up with your clothes? did you go to a wake? Gong Sil: yes it's my outfit for spying.  Kang Woo: did president Joo take you along and use you? president Joo clearly said he was keeping you by his side for the sake of using you - is that correct? Gong Sil: it is correct he is using me but we are close so we decided to have fun and play. Kang Woo: I heard he broke off the wedding. that it was cuz of you. did he say he would only look at you now? Gong Sil: Kang Woo shi - you said if the heart is not straight forward, the pain gives the answer. that person was straight forward, but the pain is up to me (my burden to bear). he tells her to go up and cuz your clothes look uncomfortable and I will do this.   she asks if he has been the one emptying the recycling bins when it was full. Kang Woo: I have to be straightforward about this. yes it was me. Gong Sil: all those times? He says quietly cuz I said I liked you.  so she says let's do it together. he asks if she really saw the dead Cha Hee Joo. she says yes

The Hee Joo look alike pulls out of the parking lot too fast so there is nearly a car accident with Seuk Chul's car. He gets out of his car saying how can you drive like that but stops himself. the HJ look alike apologizes and says you were alarmed weren't you. he starts to say how could you come out so suddenly and switches to - are you ok? she apologizes again saying she just came from England and isn't used to the change in driver's seat (from right to left). are you okay? Sung Ran says we are ok. we saw you before too.  you came from England? the girl says yes. I saw the two of you taking walks a few times. you looked good together so I wanted to say hello. Sung Ran says next time let's have tea together. the girl says yes. after they leave she says she is Joo Joong Won's aunt right? Hee Joo's ghost is there

The caretaker couple go into the home where the chairman died and says this is the first time coming into this room. we should clean it up before his son comes. the man asks did you see the chairman's woman? she says I heard the chairman had a woman but didn't  know he brought her in here secretly to meet her. they start to clean but the ghost yells not to touch it so they decide the dead person doesn't want it touched. the man says let's leave it alone till his son comes. they leave. the ghost tries to touch stuff but can't.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-02-19]

Kim gives Joong Won a report about how the funeral of the dead chairman of giant group hasn't been over that long but there is talk that he had a hidden mistress. Joong Won: the giant mall president will have a headache. Kim says he will be coming regarding a problem with Kingdom. Joong Won: ok. Kim: Tae Yang wants to meet him too.  Joong Won is not pleased to hear that.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-07-50]

Joong Won went to meet Gong Sil.  Gong Sil gives her excuse: the chairman didn't show up after that time so I thought maybe I could see him next to his son. Joong Won: are you chasing after ghosts in advance now? aren't you scared? Gong Sil: he wasn't scary and looked sad. when I saw him at the wake there was a strong scent coming from him. it smelled like perfume so I looked for it and it was this. she holds up the bottle. the scent of the woman the chairman misses. if that smell comes from me maybe he will speak to me again. she sprays some perfume on. Joong Won: are you saying now you are going to entice a ghost? Gong Sil: I told you even if I didn't entice them, I am popular with ghosts. she asks the ghost - isn't that so? Joong Won looks around and counts the coffee cups and asks if she is having tea time with her ghost now. she says that the kid who likes coffee so much brought someone else. Joong Won asks if it's the trashcan ajussi. she says no that person doesn't move from that place and doesn't talk to me much. Joong Won: that's right you weren't close with that ghost. he checks and sees that she doesn't have his necklace on

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-20-49]

Joong Won is alone and wonders if she picked up the necklace and isn't wearing it or was she unable to pick it up.  did she feel bad cuz it was thrown away? Kim comes over and says the president of giant will be coming in soon. let's go to the conference  room. Joong Won: ok. Kim: is it bothering you a lot?  Joong Won is talking aloud about Gong Sil and says: If I get everything off my chest, it shouldn't bother me but it still bugs me. Kim asks if he is talking about Kingdom and the issue but Joong Won says no - never mind. can you get a book for me? Kim: a book? are you going to read it yourself?

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-26-27]

Kang Woo runs into Joong Won and asks when are you going to go meet the chairman? he is staying at Kingdom hotel.  Joong Won: I am always at Kingdom so tell him to come see me anytime. Kang Won: you know he isn't the kind of person to come looking for you first and explain. Joong Won: I'm not the kind of person who goes first  looking for him and explaining -he will know that. Kim: the two of you are the same so you wont get to meet this time too. Joong Won calls out his name as a warning so Kim distracts him and says the giant mall president is coming in over there.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-36-00]

Joong Won, Kim, and Kang Woo watch him come inside

Gong Sil is walking by and sees him and says it's the chairman's son. the guy passes by her and turns and says wait a minute.

Kim narrates Tae Yang caught the giant mall president's eye and made him stop. He is speaking to Tae Yang

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-43-22]

The guy says that is a unique scent so what scent is it?  Gong Sil says I can't remember the name of it but I can show you the bottle. he says let me ask that favor. she says follow me

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-52-17]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-55-48]

Kim: the two of them are leaving together. that isnt the way to the conference room. the two of them are going to Tae Gong Sil's office. Joong Won asks why is the giant mall president following a woman he only saw once? Kang Woo: maybe something was next to him? Joong Won: something must have been there. she said it asked her to go somewhere for it. Kang Woo: where was that? Joong Won: the giant mall chairman's chungpyun resort. Kim: cuz she was curious where that resort is she wanted to meet the giant mall president. so then the two of them will probably go together cuz the giant mall president doesn't have a wife next to him yet. his father passed away so his heart will be grieving. Tae Yang will be of comfort to him. Chungpyun is a great place to feel better. The two jealous guys - Joong Won and Kang Woo give Kim alarmed looks. Kang Woo says to Joong Won with irritation - when there are stuff like that (ghosts) isn't it your role to follow her? you cant let her go with him - the two of them together. Joong Won: since it's a nuisance I didn't want to go but it cant be helped so I have to go. Kim grins cuz laying it on that thick worked like a charm.  he claps as he follows Joong Won

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-19-57]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-22-43]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-20-26]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-29-24]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-31-15]

Gong Sil gives him the bottle and says this is it. he sniffs and says this is the correct scent. Gong Sil: it's the scent emitting from the chairman isn't it?  he asks do you know my father? she says I met him once. he asks - is it you by any chance? my mother didn't wear perfume but often she smelled some other woman's perfume from my father. I still trusted my father. Gong Sil: it wasn't me. he looks at her and says thank goodness. if it was such a young woman like this I would have resented my father more. after he leaves she says he really hates his father a lot. she suddenly remembers she didn't ask him where the chungpyun resort was (the exact place where the hidden mistress stayed). so she runs out and Joong Won just arrived. he says Tae Gong Sil - let's go to chunypyun - I will go with you. she reminds him how he didn't want to cuz he wanted to throw that bomb at the giant mall president but he says no I don't. I met that chairman a few times so I have to hide that shame for him. let's go. he smiles and makes the motion for come along instead of get lost.

Seuk Chul meets with Han again. Han asks what do you need my loose lips for? Seuk Chul says thanks to your mouth the rumors about Tae Gong Sil and president Joo already went out as much as it can. this time I don't need your mouth I need your ears. Han: my ears? to hear what? Jin Joo says Tae Gong Sil was admitted to Korea University but wasn't able to graduate.  she was in a major accident and right before graduation she quit and ended up like that from what I heard. Seuk Chul asks Han to find out the details. Han: why do that? Seuk Chul: I think president Joo's heart has fallen for her but if there was such a big change in her after the accident to that extent, he wont be able to push his way to marriage so I want to find out in advance.

Han goes to the café mumbling cuz I got closer to her so now I feel sorry to her.  Gong Ri brings him a drink asking who is the one with loose lips on the vice president's line?  Han says I dont think it's the security team. I think it's the ad (promotion) team.  there is rumor these days that the loose lips is talking about  Tae Gong' Sil's past. Gong Ri: what about my Gong Sil's past? Han: that she had an accident in the past. when was that? Gong Ri: seven years ago. Han: if it was 7 years ago it's been a long time. Gong Ri: it's only been four years since she came out of the hospital. cuz she was laid up for 3 years. Han: it must have been a big accident - what kind was it? a car accident? Gong Ri: when I think about then just thinking of that accident makes my heart race. I really don't want to talk about it. Han: you are her older sister so your heart must have suffered a lot. should we have dinner tonight? he offers to buy her some soup for her heart so she is happy and says I really like that soup. after she leaves he thinks she will tell him a lot but this feels weird like a date. I need to come to my senses.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-55-01]

In the car Joong Won is happy cuz the giant mall president was always distracted during their meeting and thinking of other things so thanks to you things will go well towards our side.  Gong Sil points out - his feelings of betrayal from his dad must be great (cuz of that whole mistress thing) Joong Won says if he found out ever since he was young he could have lived ignoring it. Gong Sil: do you not like your father much too? Joong Won: we don't really like each other. anyway can we just go into that place (without permission). I don't want to go to jail again for trespassing. Gong Sil: since he asked me to go there the chairman will probably be waiting for us when we get there -he will show us around.

Gong Sil and Joong Wo go into that place. Gong Sil says this is the room. he is over there. Joong Won greets the dead chairman saying we will intrude for a short while. Gong Sil says he wanted me to delete the photos of that woman in the camera. he finds it first asking is this it but she takes it away and wont let Joong Won see the photos saying he said not to let anyone see. Joong Won: it's ok - I don't want to see it too. hurry and delete it and let's go outside. Gong Sil compliments the chairman on his photography skills when she gets to the photo of the roses and ducks. did you take these yourself chairman? they are so cool and pretty.  they hear voices outside. the caretaker told the son - we didn't clean the room and left it alone. Gong Sil and Joong Won look at each other in a panic

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-10-23]

The son gets to the door and says I will take care of the stuff here. I am going to set fire to everything here so prepare a fire for disposal.  he tries to open the door but Joong Won is holding onto the door handle and locks it. the son gets the key and tries to unlock it.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-14-41]

Joong Won says there is no place to go out or hide. she wants to hurry and delete the photos. but Joong Won says you cant erase them.  if we get caught we have to have this at least to explain the reason why we came here. Gong Sil: he asked that his son not see this. Joong Won: we have to show the son for us to get out of here. the son is still trying to locate the right key 

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-16-09]

Joong Won calls the son and talks business. that he called cuz he thought something about the shopping mall was going his way too much. the son says how it bothered him after the meeting too and thanks Joong Won for calling first. Joong Won says I will take into account your situation and rethink this. come right now to kingdom.the son tries to get out of it saying I am in chungpyun but Joong Won tells him to come right away-before I change my mind. the guy agrees and says I will go right now.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-31-33]

Gong Sil listens at the door and says he went away as Joong Won hits his head against the wall. Joong Won: of course he did. you cant even guess  the amount I just relinquished. She says the chairman is grateful. Joong Won stands and says give it to me and I will delete it. she says I told you no one can see. he says hurry and do it then cuz I don't want to see it. Joong Won points out - to that chairman hiding his woman is important -but he isn't thinking of his son at all. a business man who left out his sense, instead of hiding his woman, if he met you, shouldn't he say to you - I am sorry I have no excuses - shouldn't he say for you to relay even a word of that. until the last-  if he was going to end it like this, he should have prepared in advance. he hid it so well and gave his son something mind blowing. Gong Sil finds the photo and says I think it's this woman. she looks at the photo and at the chairman and asks it was this person. Joong Won says hurry and delete and let's go. she says the chairman said to show you this. Joong Won: tell him it's ok. Gong Sil:  when his son sees this woman's photo-  he wants to know how his son will feel. he asked for you to look and think about it. Joong Won: me? cuz of my father- a woman's age, her appearance, I wont be shocked.  she hands over the camera and Joong Won looks shocked.  

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-37-15]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-37-43]

The son reads news about his dad in the paper headlines. Joong Won calls so he says I am on my way. Joong Won  says come back. I am in the room where your father passed away right now.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[08-07-43]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[08-09-29]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[08-16-34]

The son comes in and asks why are you guys here. he goes over and asks Gong Sil - you said you weren't but was it you? was father's woman you?  Joong Won says come to your senses. this side is mine and the woman your dad hid is here over here. he puts down the photo on the table. the son asks are you threatening/extorting me now with this photo? Joong Won: then make giant mall get lost next to my kingdom. can you not open? the son says whatever my father left behind that's his problem.  I might get shocked, but I wont waver over that and collapse. even though I can hate my father, I wont ever leave it alone so others can point fingers.  Joong Won: then look at it (the photo). He tells the ghost -chairman - rather than protecting your son, it's better for your son to protect you. Gong Sil hands him the photo and says this is the only photo left in the world. it's the woman your father hid all his life and loved. the son looks at the photo. it's the chairman dressed as a woman. Gong Sil: he said it's a woman he couldn't show anyone all his life. there was so much to protect so he had to hid it forever.  the scent/perfume you sensed from your father was that person's real scent forever. before he died he wanted to take just one photo of that woman. he was going to have a funeral alone but he suddenly collapsed. if you knew - that you would find it disgusting, he wanted to hide it from you.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[08-25-17]

The son sits alone with the photo and says what you wanted to protect father,  I have to keep protecting it. he sets the photo on fire and his dad smiles with gratefulness. the son says this poor woman's funeral, your son will do it. the chairman's spirit is gone

Joong Won says to Kim - my father is leaving tomorrow morning and still he isn't thinking of coming to see me first?  Kim: he is waiting for you to come. Joong Won: If he didn't come to explain the whereabouts of the necklace, does it really mean father didn't give it and has it? Kim: anyway he might be hiding something to protect his son. Kang team leader said he told your father about Tae Gong Sil. He is worried you have been tricked by unbelievable talk. if you don't go and tell him, through Kang team leader he (the chairman) might call Tae Yang over.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[08-30-29]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[08-35-48]

Joong Won watches the son walking in with flowers. why did the giant mall president come again? Kim thinks since he came holding a bouquet of flowers - I dont think he came looking for you. once they feel Tae Yang's warm heart, they keep looking for her. the flower bouquet the giant mall president brought is really big.  Joong Won:  he sure does have nothing to do when it could have been delivered. Kim: if you give it in person she is more happy.  also he can confirm with his eyes if it was passed on for certain. Joong Won glares at Kim cuz this was exactly his mistake over that sun pendant necklace

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[08-44-57]

Joong Won asks the trashcan ghost - tell me for certain if you gave her the necklace or not.  if she took it make the trashcan lid spin around. the ghost hits it so Joong Won says it was passed onto her. then it's good.  did she like it? there is no answer. the trashcan lid spins again. Joong Won: she liked it that much? If I gave it to her myself, I would have seen her like it. but I said I wouldn't do those things. I wont do it

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[08-50-07]

Kim tells the giant mall president how special Tae Yang is to our president.  the president asks if there is a reason why Tae Yang has to stay here at Kingdom. Kim: yes. cuz she is Tae Yang to our Joogoon. I will pass along your thanks. the president says that's too bad and hands over the flowers. he smiles and says please tell president Joo that I have a telescope too.

Gong Sil unpacks a box of macaroons for her ghost guests and tells them to eat some. She is talking to the ghosts and says I just need to clear up the misunderstanding between the ad team Kim and Lee? that's what they fought over? I just need to clear up the misunderstanding right?  the next ghost talks and she asks where is the item the basement guard lost? ah behind the shopping cart? I will find it for him. one scares her so she says don't come so close to me and startle me. if you do this I wont discuss with you and call the president. you all know what happens when he touches me right? she holds onto her pendant.

The Hee Joo look alike runs into Sung Ran at the mall. Jin Joo was reporting to her how Tae Gong Sil doesn't go to Joowon's office often these days.  Sung Ran: thank goodness for that. The girl nods to Sung Ran. Sung Ran asks did you come to shop. the girl says yes. you too? Sung Ran says my nephew is president of this mall and my husband is vice president. you aren't married right. the girl says yes cuz I was living just working. Sung Ran says have a meal with me at my home one day. I live in the same place as my nephew. the girl thanks her.. after she is gone Sung Ran says she is okay but I didn't ask her name

The girl sees Joong Won walking by and says it's been a long time Joo Joong

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[09-15-04]

The chairman puts away Hee Joo's photo and stuff in an envelope as president Joo is announced. Joong Won comes over and says I came. chairman: I thought you wouldn't come. Joong Won: whatever reply I hear from you father- I have the confidence not to nod even. chairman: if you want to hear my reply you talk first. Joong Won: ok I will. Hee Joo was a culprit. I was totally duped by her and about mother's necklace, I told her about it. chairman: I clearly paid for your ransom with the necklace. when Hee Joo came to get the ransom I trusted her.  first I had to rescue you and see. like a fool I handed it over to her. Joong Won: our family was totally duped by Cha Hee Joo. pretty soon Gong Sil will end it so that matter will totally end from my life. He stands to leave but his dad asks -cuz of what happened then -you still cant read text huh? can you end that condition? Joong Won: I don't read but there is one thing that came up that I do want to read (he is talking about the wolf/goat story). chairman: I came here cuz I wanted to show you something.  if you see this - you might waver again. can you look and handle it? Joong Won: is it about Hee Joo? chairman: yes. if you don't want to look at it, I will leave entrust it with Kang Woo and tell him to keep watch. you decide to see or not. if you do end up looking - listen to the explanation from Kang Woo. you can leave. Joong Won takes it and asks father - not talking about the ransom for certain- is it cuz I might be tormented so you are turning it around so it's your fault?  his dad says believe what you want. have you ever once suspected me? Joong Won says the same thing. believe what you want to believe. be healthy. he leaves. the dad smiles

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[09-25-43]

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[09-34-11]

Joong Won looks at the envelope and says Cha Hee Joo. He is about to take out the photo but doesn't and puts it away. Kim suddenly slams down the four books about the wolf and goat and startles Joong Won. Kim: it is the fairytale you asked for. Joong Won wonders why there are so many -it's not just one. Kim: there is a lot and there is a lot of text too. should I read it for you? Joong Won: it's ok I will try reading it. Joong Won reads aloud the title "on a stormy night" and Kim says -what a coincidence. that's how Tae Yang felt when you first met huh? 

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[09-43-13]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[09-44-02]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[09-46-07]

Kang Woo tells Gong Sil - that the deceased Cha hee Joo was a culprit - you knew too right? today president Joo met his father and told him everything.  Gong Sil: he did? Kang Woo: you saw the dead Cha Hee Joo but you weren't able to find out about the culprit?  Gong Sil: I did see her but she didn't relay to me anything that would be of help. Kang Woo: before president Joo clears up everything about Cha Hee Joo, he probably wont let you go huh? Gong Sil: there is probably stuff like that. Kang Woo: when that culprit is found, it will end then.  Gong Sil: if I can do it, I want to clear up everything regarding that incident and end it. so now is there no reason for you to stay at Kingdom? Kang Woo: No I will remain here. I have to see the end for a new start to be possible. but I might move out. Gong Sil: you are leaving the gositel? Kang Woo: should I not go. shouldn't you hold onto me telling me not to go? cuz you are in charge of the gositel. Gong Sil: don't move out of your room. Kang Woo: I already got an apartment but since you are holding onto me it cant be helped. I wont go. after he leaves she wonders is he bragging to me that he has an apartment?

Han tells Kang Woo - have you seen the internet? you are number one on the search engines. Kang Woo: I did? it's the photo of Yi Ryeong and Kang Woo at the subway. Kang Woo: I will go crazy. Han: the picture isn't as good as in real life, but you got first place anyway so should we go and buy sunglasses.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[09-51-39]

Reporters are asking Yi Ryeong about her relationship with Kang Woo. Yi Ryeong says I wasn't meeting/dating this person. reporter says the netizens found it all out. this man is the team leader on Kingdom's security and you drop by often at Kingdom. Yi Ryeong: It's true I come often to Kingdom. reporter says if you answer truthfully we will write it up beautifully. Yi Ryeong: it's true I was meeting a kingdom person, but it wasn't this person. He is the president there - Joo Joong Won. reporters ask the president of Kingdom? is that for real?

Seuk Chul gets a call that a news article about president Joo will come out tm. wait a second. tell them if an unconfirmed article comes out we will sue of course. he hangs up and Sung Ran asks will there be some article about Joong Won? Seuk Chul says a scandal article with Tae Yi Ryeong and president Joo will come out. Sung Ran: what?  they were having dinner with that girl. the girl asks her does your nephew have a girlfriend. Sung Ran says no we had dinner together a few times with me present. but since the other person is a celebrity the article went out. it's ridiculous. Seuk Chul asks - we should stop  that article saying it's not true huh? Sung Ran: wait a second. for now let me speak to Joong Won and then decide. Seuk Chul: president Joo has tae gong sil. she is high school classmate with Tae Yi Ryeong so they will say it's nonsense. Sung Ran:  with that excuse - how far Joong Won has thought about her- I am going to ask.   the girl asks your nephew's girlfriend isn't Tae Yi Ryeong but Tae Gong Sil.  Sung Ran says sorry for talking about this at their first dinner and making noise, but the girl says it's ok -it's fun

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[10-09-46]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[10-13-34]

Gong Sil comes out of her office and runs into Joong Won. He asks what is that place after you said "I decided"? Gong Sil: what? Joong Won: before we went to the wake - that place you wanted to go when you said "president I decided" -where is that place. Gong Sil: why? Joong Won: you asking why is more strange. I am saying let's go there. why? do you not want to? if you want to go wait here for a short while. he leaves. she mutters what was that - he said not to fall for him even if he seduced me so does that mean for me to wait or not

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[10-14-08]

He goes to his office and his aunt is sitting there. he says I was prepared so I kept avoiding you but now I got caught -I don't have time so take just ten mins. for breaking the vase, breaking off the engagement. Sung Ran says there will be a scandal article about you and Yi Ryeong. Joong Won: who? Sung Ran: with Yi Ryeong - this is worth 20 mins right

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[10-15-44]

Gong Sil gets ready and is putting on the necklace and says all this time I acted like I didn't get it so if I wear it now it will look like I am expecting something -  is it not ok to show this much at least that I like him. she smiles looking at the necklace

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[10-26-37]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[10-26-53]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[10-28-15]

Joong Won says it doesn't matter cuz Yi Ryeong is just the model of kingdom. to take care of my image I have to stop the article. Sung Ran asks is it really just cuz of that you are stopping it. not cuz of Gong Sil? since you broke off the engagement, I thought you would say the few lines of article doesn't matter cuz you wont read it, but Yi Ryeong is her old school friend so cuz that bothers you - isn't that why you want to block it for her? Joong Won says how Gong Sil wont care about something like that. I told you before - over something like that she will never leave me. Sung Ran: to me that's more strange. how could she not care about that? even when she heard you were getting married she looked at the vase and talked of other stuff. (Gong Sil arrives and listens to them from out of view) Joong Won: that's right. just think of her as a kid living in another world and leave her alone. through your methods you wont be able to give her fear. she wont even nod her head. as he leaves he comes face to face with Gong Sil and know she heard. Sung Ran asks does she not have any pride - did she say she loves you that much. Joong Won sees the necklace as he looks at Gong Sil and says that woman doesn't have pride. cuz she has a clear reason why she cant let me go so she doesn't have the luxury of caring about her pride. even if I said I love her she doesn't have the luxury of taking care of herself so I am safe. isn't that so? (he asked Gong Sil) Gong Sil: yes. Sung Ran says you said you would give me ten mins - was it to go and get her. Joong Won says to Gong Sil: let's go. Sung Ran asks Gong Sil - you heard everything. do you still want to hold onto Joong Won and go?  Gong Sil says yes it doesnt really matter to me. cuz I don't have that luxury. let's go. Sung Ran says to him -your face right now doesn't seem safe.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[10-28-50]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[10-29-20]

Joong Won goes after her and holds onto her but Gong Sil cries and says I decided president. next is my home.  I want to go home cuz I am tired. he held onto her but she pulls away saying I will be going.

Gong Sil is sobbing as she walks out.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[10-30-52]

Joong Won touches the wolf/goat story book and looks at his reflection. he gets up and leaves

At home Gong Sil takes off the necklace and says I shouldn't have shown it to him

Joong Won knocks outside her home and says hurry and come out cuz I know you are inside

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-40-10]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-40-57]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-41-31]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-42-35]

Gong Sil comes out. Joong Won: why cry when you said you could handle it cuz it's bothering me. she pretends to have a ghost inside of her and speaks banmal and says who are you. are you that rude Joo Joong Won? Joong Won: "Joo Joong Won?" why are you like this? Gong Sil: why did you come here. does she look that easy to you? why do you do everything you want - you bastard. he asks if a ghost is inside her. Joong Won: did something come in you? you aren't Tae Gong Sil? Gong Sil: I'm not you jerk. you are taking this girl and playing with her. that's what she said. playing with you is dirty and cheap/unfair. so just quietly lend her your body and don't hang around her and get lost. she walks away so he holds onto her and pulls her back. Gong Sil: I said to get lost. Joong Won:why didn't you get lost? when I held onto you. Gong Sil: I left and came back cuz I was so mad. there is something like that. do you know (anything about) ghosts?  Joong Won:I don't know ghosts well but there have been many times I chased it away. Gong Sil: cuz of you chasing them away - she cant do anything at all and she said she is hurting a lot. she is hurting a lot you bad guy. Joong Won: I get it so let me talk to Tae Gong Sil now. Gong Sil: she said she has nothing to say to you so go. she starts to walk away, but he says you don't know how the walnut ajumma got lost huh? Gong Sil: why? did you hit her once. Joong Won: look carefully and come back. He pulls her into his arms and kisses her for a very long time.

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-35-33]



Joong Won at Hee Joo's memorial: the person you wanted to protect I have to find.

Joong Won: dead -which side is it?

the girl asks - can he still not read? Sung Ran asks the girl how do you know about my nephew's desultory reading? (meaning his reading problem)

Joong Won to Gong Sil: my heart keeps going to you and it's upsetting and not being able to stop it hurts my pride.

Gong Sil:like the wolf I will protect you president

Joong Won is sleeping over at her home and puts her in bed. Joong Won:  I am really going to just hold your hand and sleep so you can't have other thoughts. she grins at him.

Gong Sil: there is a lost kid. that lost kid is next to me

the bad guy says miss are you looking for something?

Gong Sil is in trouble and says I discovered something. she hides from the guy

the guy says miss are you over there?

Joong Won yells into the phone: where are you now Tae Gong Sil- Tae Gong Sil!

주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-34-16]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-34-56]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-35-03]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-35-56]주군의 태양.E11.130911.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-36-56]


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