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New "We Got Married" PD Talks About New Couples


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As we reported earlier in the month, "We Got Married Season 4" is about to bring in 2 new couples to replace the previous Jo Jung Chi, Jung In and Jinwoon, Go Joon Hee couples. However, that isn't the only change that is coming to the program. The program will also be getting a fresh set of producers and staff members to man the flagging show and the new main PD, Sun Hae Yoon PD, has been hyping up the new couples during the program launch press conference.


Sun Hae Yoon PD, whose previous work include "Show! Music Core," "We Got Married Season 1," "Oppa Band" and "Star Audition Season 1," was present during the program launch press conference being held at the MBC Dream Centre facility on September 11th. During this press conference, she had a few things to say about the new couples and what she plans to do in regards to the show. 


One of the first questions she answered was in regards to what made her choose the new couples comprising of Lee So Yeon, Yoon Han, Jung Yoo Mi and Jung Joon Young, amongst the 20 or so other names that were on the list of potential couples. Sun Hae Yeon PD starts off by saying that "If viewers have lost interest in "We Got Married Season 4" than I believe it is because there is a lack of sincerity in the program." She goes on to state that "When we were looking for the new couples this time around, we looked for people that seem really well suited to each other."  

Sun Hye Yoon PD also lets out a bit of a curve ball by saying that "I think there is a chance that they will end up becoming real couples." 


Sun Hye Yoon PD also had something to say in regards to real life couples appearing on We Got Married, describing them as a "double edged sword." She mentions that "I have thought about real couples. It is extremely attractive but it's like a double edged sword. Once a real couple comes in, the identity of the program could get jeopardised given that it is about imaginary couples. I want to show the process where they each (the couples) approach other sincerely and find out about each other's charms through their imaginary marriage."


One interesting point that I haven't mentioned yet is that Sun Hae Yoon PD also happens to be the wife of famous MC Shin Dong Yeop. She even mentions her famous husband, talking about how "The scriptwriters jokingly told me that if we want to raise the ratings then you should be appear on the show with Shin Dong Yeop." She jokingly continues this line of questioning by saying that "Actually I only see Shin Dong Yeop for around 3 hours a day. Since the only times I see him is when we got to bed or I get called out to one of his drink meetings, I don't think we'll get content to fill the air time even if we appear on 'We Got Married.'" 


She does mention though that "I have talked about 'We Got Married' with Shin Dong Yeop occasionally. There are even couples that Shin Dong Yeop recommended." As for actually appearing on "We Got Married," she continues on with a laugh by saying that "However we decided not to work on TV shows together. After completely failing on 'Oppa Band,' we each decided to go on our own separate ways." "Oppa Band" was a show about a whole bunch of middle aged cast members setting up a band and playing at various events. The MC for that show was Shin Dong Yeop and the PD for that show was Sun Hye Yoon PD. The show was a bit of failure rating wise and was cancelled after a short amount of time.

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