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Girl's Day's Agency Explains Photograph of Yura Giving miss A's Suzy a "Mean Look"


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A capture of Girl's Day's Yura giving miss A's Suzy a not-so-friendly look has made its rounds on the internet. 

The pictures of Yura looking at Suzy were taking by a fan during the filming of MBC's "2013 Idol Athletic Championships." The pictures were shared under the tile, "Yura Giving Suzy a Bad Gaze." In the picture it looks as if Yura has a displeased look on her face as she watches Suzy walk by. This caused netizens to wonder if there was any bad blood between the two idols. Some argued that it could have been because of the angle of the photos. Other netizens pointed out that Yura has claimed Lee Seung Gi as her ideal type and could have been jealous of Suzy for costarring with Lee Seung Gi in "Gu Family Book." 

Girl's Day's agency, Dream Tea Entertainment, was quick to set the record straight. A representative of the agency said, "Yura was not giving Suzy a mean look. Because of the angle and other factors, it only looks like Yura is giving Suzy a mean look. Although Yura and Suzy may not be close, they have met several times. Yura had no bad feelings but the misunderstanding upset her."

The rep also explained, "Yura has expressed her admiration for Suzy before. She even has photos of Suzy in her cellphone."

(press "play" on the top right of the picture to watch the video)


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