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Jongup Chosen as Having the Prettiest Butt in B.A.P


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MBC Every1's "Weekly Idol" seems to have a thing for evaluating the prettiness of bottoms possessed by idols. They did it previously when INFINITE was one of the guests a few weeks back. This week they are once again back to their bottom ranking ways and B.A.P are the idols being judged on the beauty of their backsides. So who was picked as having the prettiest butt amongst B.A.P? 


As part of their promotions for their new song "Badman," B.A.P will be appearing as the guests on this week's airing of MBC Every1's idol focused variety show, "Weekly Idol." During one of their segments, B.A.P and the two MCs somehow once again end up on the topic of bottoms. During this segment, B.A.P member Jong Up is picked as having the prettiest bottom amongst the team with the other members praising how tight his backside is.


MC Jung Hyung Don and the members then proceed to check this little fact for themselves as they get up and close with B.A.P's prettiest bottom. Jung Hyung Don also takes the time to evaluate the bottoms of the other B.A.P members, remarking that one of them was just small while another was quite tight. However, Jung Hyung Don is left in awe once he reaches Jongup's lovely backside, stating that it was a sexy backside and reaffirming his position as having the prettiest backside amongst the team.


Full details of this bottom evaluation and more B.A.P goodness will be airing on "Weekly Ido"l on the evening of September4.

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