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[Recap] Soompi Weekly Roundup – August Week 2

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All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your Weekly Soompi Roundup! 

  • There will be 900 guests at Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung's wedding. 900! They probably won't notice when I try to sneak in, right?
  • Wonder Girls' Sunmi will be making a comeback as a solo artist after being a regular college student for three years. My guess is that there will be aliens in her next music video!
  • 91 Line what? I'm so close to be able joining the 85 line…so close but not close enough. 
  • Am I the only one who noticed how poorly photoshopped Park Bom's waist is? Come on Bom, you're better than that. 
  • Super Junior's Heechul is getting out of the military one day earlier than planned. Sweet.
  • The first thing Wheesung did out of the army was make a formal apology to his family and friends.
  • K-Pop is finally coming to Canada! If you're anywhere near Vancouver you can see Rainbow, VIXX, and more perform. 


The SNS photo of the week goes to very adorable dog and someone famous who is fully taking advantage of her new Instagram account. 

For more SNS goodness, check out this week's top Instagram photos

Next...and the music video of the week goes to...

The music video of the week goes to B.A.P's "Badman." B.A.P always delivers when it comes to their music videos. This is no exception.  

Other notable music videos: 

Last week I asked if you agreed that EXO's "Growl" should be the music video of the week and you agreed (with 66% of the votes)! We have great taste. In second place was Brown Eyed Girls with 10%, and third was Kim Hyun Joong with 7%. 

Also in music…

The big news is that SM C&C has taken Woollim Entertainment under its wings. What this means is that from hence forth all their music videos will take place in a fancy box, INFINITE will start thanking Lee Soo Man when they win awards, Tasty will join EXO-M, and Nell will start doing rock covers of Girls' Generation songs. 


Realistically, it means that Woollim artists will be promoting more outside of Korea thanks to SM C&C's international distribution powers. They will also have more appearances on variety shows, since SM C&C has been producing a few of them. For all of you who are freaking out, please calm down enough to realize that this merger is pretty beneficial for Woollim. 

Moving on…

Soompi live streamed ZE:A's "The Ghost of the Wind" comeback showcase and it was awesome! 

Next...who won the ratings war? 


  • Girl's Generation's Seohyun is considering playing a college student in a new drama.
  • Joo Jin Mo and Ha Ji Won will star alongside each other in an upcoming historical drama.


In variety…

It's all about "We Got Married!" Why? Because I have declared it to be!

  • "We Got Married" loves sassy Key and in a few weeks we'll see him and Jung Eun Ji join Son Na Eun and Taemin on a double date. Let the awkwardness take over!
  • Who writes the best* "We Got Married" recaps? Noona does!

*Super biased opinion.  

b.a.p school uniform 2 

This week's fashion pictorial goes to B.A.P for toning down the bad boy image by modeling school uniforms. If they didn't have the fancy hair, they would totally look like normal Korean high school boys. I think it's nice when B.A.P does a clean cut look once in awhile, don't you think? 

That's all for this recap! Talk to Noona! Follow her on Twitter or send your questions/feedback via email.

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