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Hyoyeon Shares Her Hardships After Debuting With Girls’ Generation

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On July 8, Hyoyeon made an appearance on Mnet’s variety talk program “Beatles Code 2” where she shared the difficulties she faced after joining popular idol group Girls’ Generation.

She began, “Before my debut, I learned powerful dances that require big movements compared to after debut when I had to wear girlish concept costumes and dance. It was difficult.”

She continued, “However, because I thought that all nine of us have to be in harmony, I tried really hard to not stand out and to become part of the team.”

Hyoyeon revealed her dancing potential in the past. “It was about six or seven years ago. I got to perform as a guest at a big popping dance festival. I even got to the semi-finals in a battle competition.”

Meanwhile, Hyoyeon was able to show off her dance skills in a mini battle with fellow guests Lee Yong Woo, Park Ji Eun, Woo Hyun Young, Poppin J, and Ducky.

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