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[Soompi Spotlight] G-Dragon Thinks He's On The Right Track

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G-Dragon, the leader of Korea's top boy band Big Bang and solo artist met with the Singapore media at a press conference for the final stop of his "One of a Kind" world tour in the afternoon of June 29 at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.

Decked in a sheer black top and leather pants, it was hard to differentiate if the singer was tired from partying the previous night or simply bored as he kept his shades on throughout the 40-minute session. Smiles were rare but he put a good effort into cracking a joke or two which helped to lighten up the mood.


The emcee Ivy from radio Yes 933 warmed up the session with a series of questions before opening it to the floor.

Does GD miss his band members while on tour?

"Yes! It's always good to have them around. When I fly to Singapore, I see them in the studio. It’s fun and I like working with them. And when times are hard and I’m a little lonely on tour, it’s good to have them around. They have been a great support, and those who are available come down to watch my show and support me during my tour, so I’m really thankful to them."


G-Dragon became the first Korean artist to perform at all of Japan's Domes. Was it a plan to set such a record for himself?

"I'm very happy that all the Dome tours in Japan were very successful, and I think it's all thanks to my fans, and I'm thankful to all of them. It has never really been my goal to set records, but as I go on my expectations and goals become bigger. I will try my best to fulfill all my expectations."


I'm sure all the fans have expectations on G-Dragon, but what kind of expectations do you have of your fans in Singapore? They are huge fans and supporters, what do you expect to see them do for you tonight and tomorrow?

"I'm very happy and glad to be in Singapore. I came here quite a number of times but it's my first time as a solo artist. I feel thankful for all the fans who will be coming down - I don't have expectations of them and I hope they have fun."


There are four different themes to this concert. Which is the most challenging segment for you during the concert?

"All the staff have been there for me during the planning stages so there's no particular theme that I have a challenge with, but particularly towards the middle of my tour, there was a scene where I was under the rain. I really try to be part of the music and concentrate on my performance."


2NE1 is going to be your special guests - what kind of chemistry are you expecting from them tonight?

"I like 2NE1, and I definitely trust them as performers. I wanted to make an enjoyable atmosphere in the concert and also have an impact as it’s the last leg of my tour here in Singapore. And I trust that they will be able to produce that effect. It’s been great working with them and I hope you enjoy it as well."


Fans are very interested in when G-Dragon's new album will be out. The last time you mentioned it was 70-80% done. Where are you at now?

"I’m working really hard on it, I want to make it perfect for all my fans. I want to be satisfied with the kind of work that I produce. It might be in August but I'm not very sure yet - please give me all your support and have really good patience with me."


How successful do you think you are and how much further do you want to go?

"I think I'm on the right track but as a person I think I always want more and more as I go on as an artiste. I wonder how long I can go but I always train hard, please give all the support."

G-Dragon is one of the most fashionable stars in Korea. You said that you are always trying to come up with new looks. Is there anything you wouldn't do in the name of fashion?

"I'll never go nude."


Have you thought that one day you might go solo and leave Big Bang?

"Currently I'm doing solo, so I'm concentrating on my solo tour. But when I join the other members as Big Bang, I definitely will concentrate on being a Big Bang member. I personally think all the love and support I have gained from all over the world is thanks to the fans who have gotten to know me through Big Bang. Big Bang has been loved by all the fans and I am very thankful. Hopefully when I'm back here I can join the other members and come to see you as a whole."


Is there any particular artist that you want to work with for this concert or your future concerts?

"If I say, would you bring them for me? (laughs). I'm not so sure because for me to work with other artistes we have to have the same goals and same things that we are looking for in a particular performance. So it's not really about the big names that the artists hold, it's really about the kind of thing we are looking for, something in common in terms of our performance to bring out good synergy between me and the other artists. I'm still looking for them and I don't think I'm in a position to bring them in but also their requests as well. We are working hard and I hope there will be a good performance in the future."


"The One and Only 2013 Solo Tour, I hope you guys enjoy it and continue all the support for me. I hope I can repay you with a good performance. I love you, bye bye!"


Special thanks to ONE Production for inviting Soompi to cover the press conference.

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