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J.Tune Camp Reveals Striking Individual Teaser Photos of MBLAQ

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J.Tune Camp has recently released individual teaser photos of MBLAQ for their D-5 countdown to the release of the group's latest album, "Sexy Beat."

J.Tune Camp stated, "We have revealed the 'sexy nude' image cuts for 'Sexy Beat.' This is a 180 degree transformation from the first set of neon images."

In the photos, the members of MBLAQ sport different different colored hair, matched with either white or beige outfits. Their faces are washed-out for a dramatic look that emphasizes the colored hair and/or colored contact lenses. With the exception of Cheon Dung (Thunder), all members have a snake wrapped around their bodies. 

The agency stated, "G.O. and Mir, who normally like reptiles, shopped around for reptiles that matched the members."

sexy beat g.o.

sexy beat joon

sexy beat mir

sexy beat seung ho

sexy beat thunder

MBLAQ's "Sexy Beat" will be released June 4 on online music sites.

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