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Lee Hyori To Return To The Small Screen After 2 Years

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On February 6, singer Lee Hyori posted onto her twitter, “Its almost time for the first recording of “You and I”.. Since it is my first comeback after two years, I feel nervous and excited,” portraying her happiness in returning to the small screen. She continued, “I will eat a box of ‘sense*’ and sleep early. Please wish me luck.” (*Eating a box of ‘sense’ is a play on words. In Korean, the word ‘gam’ means both ‘persimmon’ and ‘sense’ so by saying she will eat a ‘gam’, Lee Hyori really means that she hopes to regain her sense of knowledge on how variety program runs.)

481471.jpgLee Hyori and Jung Jae Hyung will double MC for SBS "You and I"

Lee Hyori’s partner Jung Jae Hyung also couldn’t seem to hold in his anxiousness and eagerness for the new show. He updated his twitter on February 5, with the following, “I am so nervous I cannot seem to memorize my lines. Should I just push through like I always do? I will once again only look at you (Lee Hyori).”  

Seeing this, Lee Hyori quickly replied, “Oppa, please don’t play around and memorize your lines or tomorrow only you profile may come out again” creating much laughter to both their followers. 

475232.jpg This will be the second time the pair comes together to host a music show/program.

Lee Hyori and Jung Jae Hyung will record their first episode of SBS “You and I” as duo MCs. “You and I” is supposed to be a new SBS music program and is expected to start airing later this month.

Are you looking forward to the first episode of "You and I"?

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