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[Web-Drama 2014] The Best Future 최고의 미래 (Seo Kang Joon and Minah)

Guest KangHae143

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@SalmaElMakhloufy :

Hi there >:D< :x

Hahahhaha yeaah me too , I'm only watching it of course because of SKJ ♡♡

thanks a ton for the Vids =D> =D> I'll enjoy watching them now

PS : I think I've just died when I saw his whining like a baby in the first vid...

Gaaaaah ~~~~

About the CC translation , I think you have to use a PC or a laptop and not your mobile for the English translation to appear :D

I really don't get it , love cells aka Dating DNA Is available online with subs , but not " the best future " maybe because its short

maybe because they're subbing the whole 5 eps and will release them ? I hope so ~_~

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Guest KangHae143

@tara97 Yeh I think so .. I bet they will sub the whole 5 ep. at once ~ But I'm afraid that we'll have to wait for months till they sub this Drama TSK TSK Soooo frustrating --.-- 
I think I'll re~check the "CC" button .. Maybe It'll work with me~ 
SAMSUNG knew that the drama will be watched by Foreign viewers as well -_____- So why not subbing the Drama in the first place ~.~ They seem soooo DUMB sometimes ~! 
The whining part xDDD I re~played that part for abt 20 time LMAOO I just can't get 'nough of his CuTenEsS ~ 
During the whole drama, He was INDEED CUUUUUUUUTE :x ~ :x 

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@SalmaElMakhloufy : exactly !! Come on plz , it's not a small channel run by a group of directors .. :|

Samsung has branches all over the world , they should've at least subbed it in English :(

It's pretty ironic how I am using my Samsung mobile , to insult them :D

Ahahahha Ikr he's so cuuuuute

Cuteness overload , at times like these I keep grinning to my screen =)) =)) looking as idiot as ever :D :-bd

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