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[Drama 2012] The ugly rice cake / Bullying 못난이 송편

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

Date of airing : 24 October  2012
Time of airing : Wed/Thurs 9:55 pm (korean time)
Official site :   http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/bullying/
Writer : 최현경 Choi Hyun Kyung
Production : 이은규 Lee Eun Gyu
Eps: 2
Cast : Kim Jung Hwa, Kyung Soo Jin, Jang Ji Eun, Oh Min Seok, Kim Bora, Joo Da Young,
Park Geun Hyung, Jung Bo Seok, Kim Hye Sook, Yoon Yoo Seon, Kim Na Woon

시간이 멈추고 아픔만 남았다 잃었다



 김주희(김정화) 현직교사
한소정(장지은) 여행가이드
Kim Joo Hee (Kim Jung Hwa), a high-school teacher was ordered by her school principal to investigate a case of severe bullying when one of her students was admitted to the hospital after being tortured physically and mentally. She coincidentally meets up with two of her former middle classmates, Han So Jung (Jang Ji Eun) and Oh Ah Young (Kyung Soo Jin) whom both brought back her own past unpleasant memories of school bullying.
Han So Jung who now works as a travel guide, her time stopped for her with a permanent scar that kept reminding her the times of bullying.

오아영(경수진)오태수(오민석) 아영의 오빠, 회사원이정자(김혜옥) 아영과 태수의 엄마
Ah Young who had never recovered from her past trauma due to severe bullying is a constant nightmare to her family who regretted their decision to move to Seoul.
김주희(김정화) 현직교사서유민(김보라)
As Kim Joo Hee tried to protect her other students and find out the identity of the school bullies, she came across three students with similar traits of her past relationships with her classmates, So Jung and Ah Young.
Kim Ye Bin (Jung Da Young), the popular but self-centered girl with perfect grades and background. Lee Se Jin (Jo Jung Eun), the bullied student who was being turned a blind eye to by the rest of the other classmates for their own self-protection. Seo Yoo Min (Kim Bora) who is a class outcast without knowing the actual reason for it. How will Kim Joo Hee prevent another case of tragedy from happening and face up to the demands of the angry victim's family who wants the bullies to be brought to justice?

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Guest yeohweping

Yes, it's only 2 eps. and it was supposed to be a chuseok drama special but shifted time-slot to air after Arang instead.

Extra Characters

한영민(지남혁) 소정의 오빠, 웹 디자이너한문길(정보석) 소정과 영민의 아버지, 안과의사

Han So Jung's brother, Han Young Min who works as a web designer and has trouble communicating with his family since young. He had stopped going to school and became 'closed up' in his room for a long period in his teens.
Han Moon Gil (Jung Bo Seok), So Jung's dad is a hospital doctor and had a hard time understanding his children.



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