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[Official] SeungHo and SoYeon Couple Thread [SeungSo/MelodySSong/10YearFriendship]

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A fan of SeunghoXSoyeon? :) Come right in.Basically, this thread are for SeunghoXSoyeon fans to spazz and posts fictions/videos about SeungHo [MBLAQ] and SoYeon [T-ara].

I need to see if there are SeungSo fans here before editing this post and posting their profiles and cute videos of them. :) Otherwise, this thread will be deleted. :/ So, post away, SeungSo fans! :D

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Birth name: Yang Seungho
Stage name: Seungho
Date of birth: October 16, 1987
Height: 176cm
Weight: 60kg



Birth name: Park Injung
Stage name: Soyeon
Date of birth: October 5, 1987
Weight: 46kg

Seungso facts:

- They have been close friends for 10 years.
- They both went to the same high school.
- Their mothers are friends, or their families are friends.
- Seungho acts all cute and childish when they are both together.
- He talks comfortable with Soyeon.
- He doesn't mind giving her his food on MBC Sport Idol.
- Seungho's mother called her to take care of him on Idol Army.
- They are -87ers and are born on the same month.
- They don't mind skinship with each other; shown in T-ara dot com.

Videos & gifs. showing their interactions and videos related to their friendship:

MBLAQ on T-ara dot com.


Seungho & Soyeon on Weekly Idol.

MBLAQ and T-ara on MBC Sport Idol.
tumblr_lxmv0kYyFg1qep61qo1_250.gif tumblr_lxmv0kYyFg1qep61qo2_250.gif tumblr_lxmv0kYyFg1qep61qo3_250.gif tumblr_lxmv0kYyFg1qep61qo4_250.gif tumblr_lxmj2lbzIi1qep61qo1_250.giftumblr_lxmj2lbzIi1qep61qo2_250.giftumblr_lxmj2lbzIi1qep61qo3_250.giftumblr_lxmj2lbzIi1qep61qo4_250.giftumblr_lxlk34XRu71qep61qo1_250.giftumblr_lxlk34XRu71qep61qo2_250.gif tumblr_lxlk34XRu71qep61qo3_250.gif tumblr_lxlk34XRu71qep61qo4_250.gif
Anyone noticed that they turned their heads at the same time? :3

MBLAQ & T-ara on Music Bank.


Pictures of Seungso:


PS: I do not own any of the pictures and videos. :)

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Guest saeyun

Ahhhh I actually like this pairing!!! <3 

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@saeyun Ohmygosh. Serious? :o I thought I'm the only SeungSo shipper here on Soompi. YAY! :D It's rare to see fans who ship them.

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i like them as well, i like how they can still be friends for so long, how many years is it already? it's been 11 years right?

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Guest vondy

I ship SeungHo and SoYeon too ...cute cute ekek


I don't see some post but sorry


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