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[TVB 2011] What The Face – 變身男女Chok Chok Chok

Guest jyoisu

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Guest jyoisu

GAME SHOW - Guess gender. Hosted by Christine Ng, Louis Yuen

Hosted by Christine Ng, Louis Yuen

Basically there are usually 3-4 contestants, sometimes its girls dressed as boys and you gotta guess which one is the real boy or girl. Sometimes its guys dressed as girls and you have to figure out which one is the real guy or girl. They invite celebrity guests to guess and the audience get play as well. Every time they switch their choice, they get points deducted. The contestants will answer questions (with a voice changing mic), do a cat walk, and a short talent performance. The real boy or girl will be revealed at the end and they will also reveal their identity and before make up faces. I've noticed they sometimes hire famous taiwanese tomboy uhljjangs. They also play a lot of kpop songs and dances :P snsd, suju, shinee etc.

Episodes- 18 total


Episode 01 (Guests: Kathy Chow, Niki Chow, Anita Yuen, Grasshopper)

Episode 02 (Guests: Sammy Leung, Chrissie Chau, Jeana, Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan, Hanjin Tan) Episode 03 (Guests: Vanessa Yeung, Lawrence Cheng, Jim Chim, Samantha Ko, Nancy Sit, Tat-Ming Cheung)

Episode 04 (Guests: Peter So, Johnson Lee, Theresa Fu, Alex Lam, Timmy Hung, JJ Jia) Episode 05 (Guests: Fala Chen, Michael Tse, Renee Lee, Carrie Lam, Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Kiki Sheung)

Episode 06 (Guests: MC Jin, Ella Koon, Nancy Wu, Wan Kwong, Kandy, Lin Xia Wei "Raymond Lam Fung's Cousin")

Episode 07 (Guests: Paco Wong, Chu Mai-Mai, Carol Yeung, Cindy Hsu, Terrence Chui, William So, Louie Castro)

Episode 08 (Guests: Stephanie Cheng, DaDa Chan, Miki Yeung, Z.O (沈志明), Kitty Yuen, Danny So, Leo Chim, Jessica Leung)

Episode 09 (Guests: Alfred Cheung, Mag Lam, Pierre Ngo, Vincy Chan, Sherman Chung, David Lee)

Episode 10: (Guests: King Kong, Christine Kuo, Paisley Wu, Joyce Cheng, Ken Wong, Bob Lam) Episode 11 (Guests: Lawrence Cheng, Sandy Lam San San, Elaine Yiu, Eunis Chan, Almen Wong, Nelson Cheung)

Episode 12 (Guests: Bobby Au-Yeung, Florence Kwok, Tracy Ip, Raymond Wong, Elvina Kong, Raymond Cho)

Episode 13 (Guests: Derek Kok, Ruco Chan, Meini Cheung, Queenie Chu, Vincci Cheuk, Josephine Ng, Johnny Tang)

Episode 14 (Guests: Liu Fan, Kai Man Tin, Phobe Hui, Macy Chan, Joyce Tang, Catherine Chau, Oscar Leung, Vincent Wong)

Episode 15 (Guests: Patrick Kong, Him Law, Rose Chan, Gillian Chung, Kenny Kwan and Steven Cheung from Boyz)

Episode 16 (Guests: William Chan, Ken Hung, Yumiko Cheng, Michelle Wai, Hu Wei Kang, Stephanie Che, Maple Hui, Karen Tong)

Episode 17 (Guests: Jacquelin Chong, Wong Cho Lam, Ava Yu Kiu, Ben Wong, Angela Tong, Kayi Cheung, Evergreen Mak)

Episode 18 End (Guests: Natalis Chan, Mandy Lieu, Koni Lui, Bosco Wong, Jade Kwan, Kenneth Ma)

Anyone else watching/watched this show?? Its such a fun show because some are REALLY tough to guess, I thought it would be extremely easy but I've guessed it wrong several times -_- the tomboy ones are more difficult than the drag ones. Sounds like a strange show, but I ensure you its fun and hilarious. Both of the hosts are great, very compatible and are naturally funny. Currently im on ep 10...episodes 9 and 8 were two of the most difficult imo. Its also more enjoyable if you are familiar with the guests (some of them are hilarious). The first several episodes are a bit boring but then they changed the games which made the show funnier. I think its a fun and great show to watch with family/friends :D

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